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Track Your Mouse Movements – MousePath


Todays app is a rather fun and quite interesting to use. It has risen up and been developed initially from finding it on reddit and various other websites including Flickr. This app is rather simple. Every time you move your mouse it will draw a black line on a white canvas within the app. This sounds a bit boring (on its own it is). However when combined with the thousands of different movements it shows a good representation of what you do day to day. Its great if you do a specific task as you can clearly see where you click on a regular basis. If you are smart enough you can probably use it to make peoples lives easier when using your app.

The app doesn’t have a webpage of its own, from research on peoples comments it seems to have developed by Anatoly Zenkov, however that site doesn’t have any download links that I could find. There is some links on Dropbox, this one for Mac, here for Windows. The apps do seem OK, and virus free.

When you open MousePath, the app is very boring there isn’t any GUI. Once it starts it will immediately start tracking. The black dots represent time your mouse isn’t moving. The large dots are usually formed by coffee breaks. Simply allow the program to run in the background and continue with your day. Over time you will see patterns and common areas of interest where you mouse goes.

If you want to save an image simply press S, on your keyboard. This will create a tif file, where ever the app was opened from. You can then use this image. I like removing the white background in Photoshop and overlaying it from a screenshot of what I was working on. You can clearly see what you have been doing during the day.

mouse path

If you are going to do this, I recommend you insert the mouse path layer over your screen shot, re-size if needed. Select the layer blending option to multiply, this will remove the white. Then duplicate the layer once or twice. This will thicken the lines and make them move visible. On my image you can see I use the Firefox toolbar quite a bit, most of the tabs were on the right hand side. The apps I used most frequently have clear marks leading to them. When I write posts I tend to leave my mouse in one area, hence the massive blob in the middle of the screen.

If you want to reset the drawing program and start a fresh, press R. This will clear the screen and it will begin capturing your input on a new screen. To quit the program close it as you would any program. The application does use a fair amount of resources, about 35% on my dual core Mac. This is probably due to it running on Java and the app not being developed for the Mac hardware.

There is some good images out there, for example this one of Photoshop, and this random one that has been left on most of the day while in Illustrator. The results vary, games don’t tend to be that effective since you move the hit box in the game rather than the cursor. If you have some cool images you have generated please leave a link below in the comments.

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