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Tracking Down System and Hidden Login Items 2


Tracking Down System and Hidden Login Items

This post is going to be a continuation of a couple of old posts I wrote a while ago, How To Use Login Items and Speeding Up Login. They featured some basic and simple ways to remove login items. This post is based off one by OS X Daily, that found some of the other areas on your disk that contain the applications and preferences. I’m going to add a little bit of background to each of the folders (the preference files folder in particular), new users may end up deleting an important files located in the folders, and we don’t want that.

Installing Xcode 9


Installing Xcode

Today’s post is going to show you how to install Xcode. This post is for people who are new to the Mac and want to try there hand at programming. The Xcode developer tools allow anyone to create Mac applications (as well as other cool stuff). I have recently begun learning the application and how to program for Mac over the last couple of weeks, as a result it seemed a good post.Xcode isn’t normally found on your Mac, so people who don’t know how to install it may find the process a little confusing.

Compressing PDF Files In Preview 7


Compressing PDF Files In Preview

Every so often I have PDF files, or have created a PDF file, and it needs slimming down a bit. For a long while I had no idea how to do this and would, for the most part, be stuck with a large PDF file that was always difficult to transfer. After a little digging into Preview I stumbled across two options which allow you to shrink the size of a PDF. Most of the time these two methods may not produce useful result, they may be as tiny as possible. However if you have used a program which isn’t designed for PDF (Word for some reason springs to mind) this trick might be useful. There are two options which you can use, both offer different results.

Unison 2 – Usenet Application Review 2


Unison 2 – Usenet Application Review

Last week I did a detailed post on accessing Usenet on a Mac, it covered the basics of accessing Usenet newsgroups on your Mac. Today I am going to continue with this theme and do a detailed review of Unison, in my opinion one of the best Mac newsgroup readers out there. I am going to cover the basics of how the application works, and some of the nifty features. If you have a question or comment about the app please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Yellow Icon Design – High Quality Mac Icons 2


Yellow Icon Design – High Quality Mac Icons

Today is only a quick post i’m afraid, University takes it toll. Anyway, I wanted to post this site for a while but I have never got round to it. If you ever get slightly bored of the current icon stylings of your Mac, you may want to replace them. You could search the Internet forever and a day trying to find a good solution and a good source of icons but you may come up trumps. Todays post is dedicated to Yellow Icon, who specialise in icon design. I wanted to show you some of the cool icons that they offer and how you can apply them on your Mac.

See Which Apps Are Using The Net With Terminal 1


See Which Apps Are Using The Net With Terminal

A while ago I mentioned about monitoring your Internet connections with Little Snitch. Little Snitch is quite a complex application which allows you to block and allow certain connections, it also allows you to see which applications are connection to theInternet . Since the application does cost money after the demo you may be looking for a “free” version. Today I am going to explain a cool Terminal command which you can use to see which applications have connected to the Internet or your local connection in the last few minutes.

Change Default Input Language-With Shortcut 4


Change Default Input Language-With Shortcut

This trick I randomly came across while playing around with keyboard short cuts in Finder. If anybody has more than one input language with their keyboard, for example a Dvorak keyboard set up and a ‘normal’ keyboard set up, it can be quite useful to switch between the two inputs easily. I normally do this via the little drop down menu present in my menu bar, however there is a short cut which has some cool effects. In this post I am going to show you how this keyboard short cut works, how you can turn off the short cut for changing your input keyboard selection, and how to change it. This post is a small mash up of some small things, some of which may be new, some of which may be the solution to an existing problem of yours, which you may not know how to solve.

Disabling Default Auto-Rotate & Scale In Preview 5


Disabling Default Auto-Rotate & Scale In Preview

Within Preview there are two options when you come to print that you usually take notice of. These are the “Auto-Rotate” and “Scale To Fit”, most of the time these options are sufficient for normal work. However, if you work with documents that are always the same or with documents that you don’t want to “Auto-Rotate” and scale, since they may be in the correction orientation and anything added just causes problem, you can disable these options. Normally the options preferences are remember throughout the day, and when you open and close Preview. However if you restart your computer you may find that these options reset. This can be a pain, especially if you have to keep removing these options and sometimes forget.

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