Disabling Default Auto-Rotate & Scale In Preview 5


Disabling Default Auto-Rotate & Scale In Preview


Within Preview there are two options when you come to print that you usually take notice of. These are the “Auto-Rotate” and “Scale To Fit”, most of the time these options are sufficient for normal work. However, if you work with documents that are always the same or with documents that you don’t want to “Auto-Rotate” and scale, since they may be in the correction orientation and anything added just causes problem, you can disable these options. Normally the options preferences are remember throughout the day, and when you open and close Preview. However if you restart your computer you may find that these options reset. This can be a pain, especially if you have to keep removing these options and sometimes forget.

preview print preferences

The image above, with the massive red arrows, shows what I mean. Removing the default is simple. Open Terminal in Applications > Utilities and copy and paste the following:

defaults write com.apple.Preview PVImagePrintingScaleMode 0

After hitting enter this will disable the “Scale To Fit” option within Preview. You can test the results by restarting Preview.

If you want to disable “Auto Rotate”, copy and paste the following into Terminal.

defaults write com.apple.Preview PVImagePrintingAutoRotate 0

Once again, restart Preview and the results should take effect.

If you want to reset this option simply copy and paste the following code into Terminal.

defaults delete com.apple.Preview PVImagePrintingScaleMode;
defaults delete com.apple.Preview PVImagePrintingAutoRotate

This will delete the preference files and return Preview to the original state.

A simple trick which I am sure some of you will find useful. This trick works in Snow Leopard, so your mileage may vary with older operating systems. If you want to learn more about Terminal either use the related links below this post. I also recommend Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual and Mac OS X for Unix Geeks, both are great books.

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