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Yellow Icon Design – High Quality Mac Icons


Today is only a quick post i’m afraid, University takes it toll. Anyway, I wanted to post this site for a while but I have never got round to it. If you ever get slightly bored of the current icon stylings of your Mac, you may want to replace them. You could search the Internet forever and a day trying to find a good solution and a good source of icons but you may come up trumps. Todays post is dedicated to Yellow Icon, who specialise in icon design. I wanted to show you some of the cool icons that they offer and how you can apply them on your Mac.

If you head over to the downloads page using the link above there is a variety of styles which you can use. I prefer the “flat” icons and Star Wars icons as shown in the images below.



To download the icons, select the Mac download buttons below the image. You will be given a zip file which you can then extract. Depending on the style you may be given a variety of icons to use.

To use an icon in an application or file select the icon you want to use and press Command + I. The icons are currently are set as folders with the icon design as the folder, it’s a little confusing so bare with me. Once you have opened the new icon, find the application or folder you want to apply it to. Again, press Command + I to bring up the info window.

The next step is to copy over the new icon design. Select the icon you want to copy in the Info window and press Command + C to copy it to the clipboard. Then select the destination location and press Command + V, if every thing goes according to plan, you should have a new icon in your application or folder. If you hear a “dunk” noise and nothing happening you need to change permissions. As shown in the image below, unlock the application by clicking on the lock and entering your password. Then under “everyone” change to “read & write”, if your name is present you could change the permissions to “read & write”, it doesn’t matter. Then copy over the file icon as before. To be safety conscious, change back the settings to the previous settings.

You are now done, rinse and repeat until you have changed all the icons you want. If you ever want to change it back, simply select the icon you want to revert and press delete. The icon should go back to the original after a couple of seconds.

In total I wanted to share this icon design website because I really like the designs they produce. Many times I have seen icons which are not up to the Mac quality I expect. If you have any high quality Mac icon designs from similar websites please leave a comment below.

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