Find The Location Of Recent Items 2


Find The Location Of Recent Items


This is a quick tip that I would like to share with you. Its a handy short cut that can add a little bit more functionality to the recent items menu under the Apple menu item. If you have used this function before, every time you click on any of the items in the list it will load the item. For instance if you click on an application in the list, it will start the app, click on a file and the file will load and so on. If you press the Command key with this menu open, it will alter the menu state so it will take you to the menu item. This means when you click on the menu item a Finder window will open instead showing you the location of the recent item.

recent items

This can be useful if you want to open the containing folder of the item rather than loading it again. I use this option if a file loads and I can’t remember the original source.

There are hundreds of little tricks like this within the Mac operating system. Go around menu items and press Command, Control and Shift keys and see what happens. If you have any similar tricks, please leave a comment below.

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