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MacKeeper – Keep Your Mac Squeeky Clean


Today I am going to take a mini break in dispensing tips and tricks, and I am going to do a quick application review. If you care about your Mac (and disk space) you will realise that it doesn’t take long before your Mac starts to fill up with information. When you download applications cache, language logs and whole heap of other files are created. These take up disk space, and to a certain extent can slow your Mac down. This is where today’s app comes in. MacKeeper is an app that can get rid of all these random files that you don’t need and reclaim your disk space. It is a handy all in one tool.

MacKeeper is designed to get rid of files you don’t need any more. The app is split up into three main sections; Cleaners, Tools and Services. Each sections does a required job to help your Mac.


The Cleaners section, as you may have guessed, is designed to clean up files. It is split up again into separate areas. The binaries section is designed to get rid of PowerPC binaries or Intel binaries in applications depending on your architecture type. This allows you to slim applications down and saved me about half a gigabyte. The fun doesn’t stop there however, there is a cache remover, languages cleaner, log remover and old files Finder. Each section will search your hard drive and bring you back files which meets the specific criteria. The cache and log cleaner I wouldn’t recommend you allow it to clean everything however if you have some old apps you don’t use this section allows you to easily remove the files.

Each section allows your to pick which files the app will work on. I recommend you select which files you want to clean up other wise you may find you are deleting files that you don’t want to remove. When using the log and cache cleaner, I recommend you be sparse with what you delete. Cache files are important to your Mac and it allows apps to run quickly. If you delete every cache file you may save some disk space, but find your Mac slows down until the cache files are created again. Each section also includes a filter to show only specific files, which is useful if you are looking for a specific file. The size of files the app brings back, useful for the old files section, can be found in the preferences.

The Tools section gives you some tools to make your life easier, there is a backup section (which I don’t quite see the point of if you have Time Machine), a data encryptor (which is useful). A Default Apps tool for changing which applications open with which file, a Disk Usage section to see which files are hogging all your disk space. There is also a shredder for securely deleting files, and an undelete tool for recovering files on disks. The Undelete tool may come in very handy. Finally there is a wise uninstaller for getting rid of all of the files and folders that an app creates, but doesn’t remove when you move it to the trash.

A lot of the tools within the tools section will only come in handy when you need them. For example the default app and undelete tool are useful when you need them. The tools section is not designed to be used very frequently but is there when you need it.

The final section is Services, this section requires logging into the developers site (which is free). Included within this section is the Anti-Theft service, and Geek-on-Demand. Geek-on-Demand allows you to ask questions relating to your Mac, which I assume is quite useful. I haven’t tested these two services so I can’t comment on there effectiveness. There is also a final tool in the Services section, ZeoDisk, basically an online disk service, which is coming soon.


MacKeeper is designed as an all in one service. You may notice that some of the tools can be found in other applications or can be done by yourself. This app brings all of these tools together into one place. It is quite useful and the sort of app you may find yourself going back to quite frequently.

Within the application there is a helpful sidebar help giving you information on what the selected tool is going. Overall the app is well designed and seems to work very well. Buttons and features are laid out as you would expect and every thing ticks along nicely. The app itself isn’t feature rich and doesn’t contain hundreds of tools and features, but it is a basic application that can do a lot of things very well. It is designed to replace a bunch of other apps.

There is a couple of problems with the app, when it runs it is a little slow. It has to search your entire disk and the bigger your disk the longer this will take. However it has to be done and something that can’t be avoided. I also have one little niggle with the status page, since it updates with information the page of the app goes blank and then reloads, I feel this could be something that is done passively and doesn’t seem so obvious that new information is being retrieved. Other than those two small points, the app doesn’t seem to have anything else wrong with it.

All in all the app costs $39.95, however this can be reduced by becoming a Twitter and Facebook fan and showing a registered key of a competing app. Each section can take off 10%, which by my calculations can bring the price down to $27.

Download the app and try it out. It comes with a 15 day trial so you can see how the app works before you purchase. If you have a comment about this app please leave one below.

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