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Syllabus – Students Keep Track Of Studies


If you are a student in any form of education you may find it slightly difficult to keep track of files and all the related clutter that you tend to accumulate as you go through the school year. You could use iCal or simply write down what you need to keep track of, but like myself you tend to forget until the very last minute. This is a where a new app comes in, its called Syllabus. It is designed for students to be a one stop resource for making sure you have everything you use in one place.

Syllabus is a new app for recording everything you may need as a student. Those lecture notes that tend to go missing, the assignments and all of the related files and if you like partying these files tend to go missing. Syllabus takes all the hassle away. The app is split into two main sections. An overview and a module (course content) view. The overview is where you keep all of the main files for you course. I’m studying Materials Engineering so within this section I store the courses i’m taking, the Professors, the Files and any web links such as my email or course over view. There is also a final tab to give me an overview of what is happening.

syllabus screen shot

The courses section is a more detailed section which you use to set up the information for each course. As an example in the image above i’ve set one up for Functional Materials 2. When you do this you get options to add your schedule (which links to iCal), the syllabus overview in the form of importing a PDF file. Any related files such as lecture notes or general documents, it then has an option for links and assignments. The assignments options giving you the ability to set files for that assignment and a due date (which as far as I see doesn’t seem to link with iCal). This break down is available to ever course you take giving you a simple way of accessing all your documents. As well as this the app also supports different semesters and different users so you can have multiple course and semester courses in one app and not get yourself confused.

syllabus screen shot courses

Overall the app is quite useful, it is clean and has a couple of eye candy effects to keep you entertained. It is a simple way of keeping everything in one place. By integrating with iCal and the support of adding files you don’t have to think about setting these things up yourself. All of the files you add are stored in a specific location so you can always come back to them at a later date without having to use Syllabus. It is sort of like a database app, everything you add is all linked and is generally easy to use. It does take a while to set up, since you have to add everything from scratch however I can see this becoming useful. If you have a lot of files to keep track this is a viable option.

There are a couple of downsides to the app. There is no “introduction” to the app, such as setting up users or a simple guide to using the app. This makes it slightly difficult to use. However once you figure out what is going on, using the app is a breeze. I also feel the app needs “smoothing” off. There is one or to minor points where the application doesn’t quite work as you think. For example the Professors option is blank until you actually add a person in the Professors tab. However with time I think these little problems will be solved.

To conclude, this is app going to be useful for people how are at school, collage or University. Its is a good way to keep track of your courses and files. It does take a while to set up and there are a few minor problems that need to be worked out. However it will be quite useful. If you think this app is your type of thing, download it and try it out. The full version at the moment costs $19 with an introductory price. You will probably get a lot of mileage out of it depending on how long you have left of your educational career.

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