Add A Second Menu Bar to Your Mac 2


Add A Second Menu Bar to Your Mac


This is a rather cool, very new, app that allows you to put a second menu bar on a seconds screen. If you have ever used a second monitor you will notice that your main monitor contains your menu bar and any second screen is used as a dumping ground for windows. This is normally ok, but if you want a bit more productivity or if you have a lot of screen real estate it can take a long time time to access this menu bar on your original screen.

The app in question is SecondBar. Its stressed as an Alpha program so it is likely to crash, so don’t use it on a machine you rely on. After you have downloaded the program and switched on your second scree the app will magically form a menu bar on any screen your have and it will imitate the original menu bar. Such as showing your menu options and switching around options as needed.

The app is designed to act like a real menu bar, however I it felt it was a bit slow and didn’t switch to the new menubar quick enough. As well as this the menu bar wasn’t a “Mac like” menu bar. It seemed to be drawn manually by the application. I have a feeling it was acting like an application rather than a traditional menu.

Having said this, for a very new app, it was useful and did work quite well. It seems that the developer is continually making updates so it should get better as time goes on. In the near future Apple may release an option within System Preferences to do a similar feature. I know I would find it useful.

In the mean time, try it out and see what you think. If you have a comment or question please leave one below using the form.

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