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Change The Default Address Book Template


When you are using Address Book to add contacts you may find that there is limited input options for various bits of information you have about a contact. This may, in some circumstances, be a problem and on the face of it it can be quite difficult to add to a contact. However help is at hand. This post is going to discuss changing the basic template which Address Book operates from so you can add all the fields you want. Its rather simple (and fun) and you can soon change the template to have all the information you want.

To change the template, open Address Book and go to the Preferences, either by press Command + , (comma) or going to Address Book > Preferences. Within the preference pane select the Template option. Here you have a basic template which you can modify. Modifications are made in two ways. Using the drop down or the small green plus arrows by a section.

To add a section select the drop down menu. This is split into two sections. The top half of the drop down menu belongs to the area around the image. This includes name and job. You can’t change how these are displayed. The bottom half is for information where there may be multiple copies. From the drop down select the piece of information you want (eg URL) and it will be displayed in the template.

address book template option

Within the template you can then choose how many times an option is displayed and the type. For example with Phone, if you click the green plus arrow a second phone option will appear which you can change to “work”, you can do this as many times as you want with each option. Each one can be changed individually to suit your needs, if you don’t use an option when adding a contact it wont be displayed, so add as many as you potentially need.

If you notice the options drop down menu has parts greyed out. To remove an option simply press the red minus arrows within the template until all of the options have been removed. You will then find the option is selectable again within the drop down menu.

After playing around I have come up with something that looks like this. You can do a lot of customisation to the point where you could have every bit of information imaginable added to the template.

address book template

There you have it. Changing the template is simple and easy when you know how to do it. If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below.

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