Getting Better Sounding Music Out Of ITunes 3


Getting Better Sounding Music Out Of ITunes


If you listen to music in iTunes (or any other music player) sometimes music can sound a bit flat or boring. It could be a problem of the music encoding but more than likely it is a problem due to the equaliser not having the optimal settings. This post was inspired by Richard who contacted me earlier in the week, using his suggestion for a post I am going to show you how to get the best sound possible.

The first step is to open the equaliser in iTunes. In the latest iteration of iTunes it is under the Window Menu Bar option. When you open it up you will see something like the following image. It currently has all of the options a 0DB. We can adjust these values so we have a nice ranging tones within out music. To make sure you get the best results play some music in the background which accurately represents what you listen to. Different music needs slightly different adjustments.

itunes flat

To adjust your music first select the “on” check box in the top left corner. Then to see if it is working ramp up or down one slider to see the effects, I recommend the ones on the far left or right. It normally takes about 2 seconds for the changes to take effect. Most changes won’t be noticeable however if you have keen hearing you may be able to hear the changes. We need to do minor changes, all which can have a large effect.

There is no “perfect” equalizer setting. You can read more on equalising settings here, there are two ways of working either using one of the presents and adjusting the sliders or starting from scratch. Through a bit of trial and error i’ve come up with something in the following image. It sounds pretty good and the music I listen to sounds fuller and a bit louder in the right places. I would generally adjust the end sliders more than the ones in the middle as these effect the bass and treble the most.

itunes adjusted

Play around with the settings and see what you think sounds best. Different speakers and set ups will produce different results. Note that using the equaliser will use slightly more CPU (not that noticeable), if you have a slow Mac this may slow your computer down, especially if you have a complicated equaliser.

If you want to learn more on this topic I recommend iPod and iTunes For Dummies and How to Do Everything iPod, iPhone & iTunes on Amazon are a good read.

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