Innovative Way To Archive Specific Dates In Mail 2


Innovative Way To Archive Specific Dates In Mail


I was having a play around with Time Machine and Mail and I was wondering if there was any specific way to archive specific months of email. I know Time Machine backs up every single email address, however Time Machine isn’t that useful if you want to transfer or store these email addresses in another location. So I came up with this rather simple method, it takes a little bit of work, but by using smart folders you can actively back up and archive specific months of email.

This method uses smart mailboxes that are present within Mail. Smart mail boxes allow you to specify what emails are present in the mail box. We will be using this feature to select our emails to archive.

1) Open Mail

2) From Mailbox > New Smart Mailbox select the following values. “Contains messages that match all of the following conditions” and “Date Received, is in the date range xxx to xxx”

mail archive

This will populate the smart mail box with all of the emails from the specific date range. I recommend you set each date range as a specific month and name the title as such.

3) When the smart box has populated, which may take a while depending on your Mac, right click on the smart mail box and select “Archive Mailbox”. This will archive the mail box and all of its contents.

4) Repeat for every month you want.

And you are done. A simple quick way to archive specific months. You can then import Mail messages as needed from the File > Import Messages option. It may take a while to do each month so you can expand how many months are done in each step.

I hope this helps people who don’t have Time Machine or want a different method of backing up emails. If I find a suitable script, tomorrow I might do a post on ho to automatically do this for you.

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