Radium Menu Bar Competition Winners 2


Radium Menu Bar Competition Winners

Good Afternoon.

A couple of days ago I had a review and competition of Radium Radio Player. Within it there has a small competition which allowed a couple of you to win a copy of the app. Anyway, I have put your names into a random number generator and we have some winners. Your email addresses will be given to the developers and you should receive your code soon. Those that didn’t win, better luck next time. If you want to enter the next competition, when ever that is, I recommend you sign up to the RSS feed, to get the latest posts.

The winners were picked using the random number generator from Random.org, in the order drawn they are.

  • 24 – FVV
  • 8 – Carlos Echenique
  • 13 – Gabriel
  • 16 – Dan Roddick
  • 19 – Jerry Duke
  • 20 – Shady
  • 11 – Lola
  • 14 – Jody Hudson
  • 25 – arnej
  • 15 – SML
  • 21 – Henry Yue
  • 6 – Daniel
  • 7 – Greg
  • 9 – Tony Colin
  • 22 – Manuel Fong
  • 17 – Jim hamm

Its quite interesting to see what radio stations people listen to. There is a lot of variety.

I will have a MacTricksAndTips post up tomorrow. University has started and its back to work, hence the lack of posts this week.

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