Radium Menu Bar Radio Player + Competition 34


Radium Menu Bar Radio Player + Competition

Good Evening.

Today we have a cool app that I am going to review and to top it off we a have a small competition to give away a couple of the licenses for some lucky readers. If you haven’t guessed by the title, today’s app is Radium. It is a menu bar radio player which you use to listen to online radio streams. It is very, very simple to use and I got it working and listening to my radio station within thirty seconds. It doesn’t have any of the “fluff” that other applications have.

The app runs from the menu bar making the whole process occupy a very small amount of real estate on screen. Its designed to be out of the way, allowing you to set it running and forget about it. When you first run the app you are asked to specify a radio stream or load the ones present in the application. If you only listen to one or two stations, and know the URL’s it may be worth adding them manually, however the option of loading all of the station that the app contains is far more useful. The preferences also allow you to pick and choose which ones are shown in the list (the screen shot below gives you a better idea), so you can always organise your favourite radio stations.

Once as you have loaded your radio stations, either by hand or used the predetermined list you can begin listening. You can use the search function to find the stations you want. The most common ones are there. Once you select your choice, it will begin playing. If the station you want isn’t there you can always add it in manually. It only takes a moment or two once you have found the stream URL from the website of your favourite radio station.

raidum mac os x radio player

The application also offers a couple of other functions to help you find and listen to your favourite radio station. There is an option to star your favourite stations so you can quickly find them in the future. There is also options to select either a high or low quality stream if that option is available. There is also more advance features such as integrating with Growl to show you which song is playing (assuming the feature is supported by the radio station), open song in iTunes and set short cuts to quickly change radio stations and the way it plays. The applications isn’t full on features but is designed to find and play your favourite radio station quickly and easily.

Overall this app does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to play a radio stream in good quality and doesn’t get in the way. There doesn’t really seem to be much wrong with how the app works or plays. The only problem I have is the way the preference window behaves. Since it is a menu bar app it doesn’t have a dock icon, as a result you can Command + Tab into the window. This is only me being picky, but if you want to alter the preferences and switch between windows it can be a bit of a pain.

The application costs $16, if you listen to a lot of radio channels and want them all in one place this is the app to have. Its a great little program that I will probably end up using for a long time.


As stated in the beginning of the post we have a little competition from the makers of this app. They have 16 licences to give away. To enter the draw leave a comment below stating your favourite radio station, i’m interested in what people listen to. The winners will be picked on the 14th of April in five days time so get your entries in. The winner will be picked at random and a post on the 14th will announce the winners. Make sure you leave a valid email address so you can be emailed.

This competition is now closed. Please do not enter. The winners list is here.

Good luck.

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