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Highlighting Email Messages From Friends 0


Highlighting Email Messages From Friends

When I get email’s from certain contacts I like to keep track of who is sending them and organise them appropriately. The best way i’ve found to do this is through Smart Mailboxes. This evening i’m going to show you how you can combine the use of Address Book and Mail to pull emails from certain contacts so you can quickly and easily manage them. It takes a little bit of work, however its very useful.

Use Terminal To Measure Wi-Fi Strength 5


Use Terminal To Measure Wi-Fi Strength

There is a lot of power available in Terminal, and if used correctly you can create some really interesting scripts and result. Today’s post is going to take advantage of some built in Airport frameworks to measure the strength of your connected Wi-Fi signal. Although you can download and use various different apps to do this, if you want a quick way measure the signal, to find the best place to put your laptop, or integrate into something like GeekTool. A quick Terminal script is what you need.

How To Cheat At Scrabble (With Terminal) 0


How To Cheat At Scrabble (With Terminal)

I enjoy a good board game every so often, they are even more fun when you can play them online or as a standalone game. The one game, however, that I can never really play is Scrabble. Simply because I can’t figure out words from the 7 tiles given to you. The best I can do is five letter words, swear words and adding the occasional ‘s’ or ‘ed’ to the end of the words. What I need is a way to cheat, or at least give me a helping hand. As the title of this post suggests there is a very simple and effective way to do this using some commands and files built into Terminal.

Converting Files In Terminal (Including Docx) 1


Converting Files In Terminal (Including Docx)

Quite a while ago I mentioned how you can convert Windows Docx files to Doc using a little app supplied by Microsoft themselves, its a simple way of saving money and not having to fork out for Office for Mac. That app is great for one or two files that you want to convert, however if you have hundreds of files or want to build this functionality into a bash script it can be a little bit difficult. However there is a suitable Terminal program that you can use. This script piggy backs on the functionality built into TextEdit, so any results you get from TextEdit you will see in this Terminal program.

10 Websites For New iPhone Users 0


10 Websites For New iPhone Users

Since shops around the world are going into meltdown due to the release of the new iPhone, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a short list of 10 websites for new iPhone users. Over the last couple of days i’ve been reading many sites and wanted to post some of the cool ones i’ve found. I’ve tried to shy away from general news sites and sites which have tips and tricks for more than one platform (eg the Mac). I wanted a list where its iPhone only stuff, so you can go for a dedicated resource. If you feel there is a website I should have added, please leave a comment below. The list covers a wide range of things including tips, hack, apps and wallpapers, so there should be something for everyone.

Hide Select Icons From View (incl Hard Drives) 1


Hide Select Icons From View (incl Hard Drives)

Continuing from a post a couple of days ago about Hiding Hard Drive Icons From Your Desktop and reading into an insight full comment i’ve found a method where you can hide certain hard drive, folders and files from view. A quick method is to normally add a dot in front of the file name so it becomes a “dot-file” for example “.hiddenfile.txt”. This will make the file disappear from view. However this changes the file name and if you have any scripts or applications that rely on the exact file name this can be a problem, it can be even worst when you want to remove a Hard Drive, change the file name of such a volume can be disastrous. Therefore we are going to play around with a couple of Terminal programs to change the attributes of files, folders and even Hard Drives so we can hide them from view.

Control How Your Mouse Scrolls 0


Control How Your Mouse Scrolls

This is a quick post for people using external mice (as opposed to track pads) who want to control the scrolling direction of your mouse. With the advent of scrolling balls, instead of wheels you may find your page flying around when using the small tracker ball. I find this really annoying and prefer vertical and horizontal tracking to make things a bit more organised. This is very simple and easy to do. Although settings might be slightly different depending on your mouse, the basic principle is the same.

Hiding Hard Drive Icons From Your Desktop 1


Hiding Hard Drive Icons From Your Desktop

Here is a quick little trick which I find quite useful. Depending on how you work and organise your desktop, icons such as your Hard Drive and connected servers may never be used by yourself. They could be taken up valuable space. This can be further exasperated if you have a lot of Hard Drives and servers connected. Most of you desktop could be taken up by unused icons which you may never need to use. Its a rather simple method to remove icons such as Hard Drives, Servers and connected iPods from your desktop.

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