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10 Websites For New iPhone Users


Since shops around the world are going into meltdown due to the release of the new iPhone, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a short list of 10 websites for new iPhone users. Over the last couple of days i’ve been reading many sites and wanted to post some of the cool ones i’ve found. I’ve tried to shy away from general news sites and sites which have tips and tricks for more than one platform (eg the Mac). I wanted a list where its iPhone only stuff, so you can go for a dedicated resource. If you feel there is a website I should have added, please leave a comment below. The list covers a wide range of things including tips, hack, apps and wallpapers, so there should be something for everyone.

1. Apple Support

The first item on the list has to be the Apple Support website. You can’t have a new gadget or gizmo and not visit the manufactures website to see how it works. The support website has a basic overview of how the iPhone works, and how to get the most out of your new phone. It also features some great question and answers within the sidebar sections so you can get the most out of your phone. If you are stuck on something its probably best consulting this site before you continue.

2. iOS 4 Manual

Coming in at a whopping 244 pages, the iOS 4 manual tells you everything you need to know about how to use the operating system on your phone. Its really detailed giving you lots of information on just about every thing you could ever do on your phone. For a manual its got a lot of pictures which is really useful, i’ve seen many manuals for phones which lack the details you need to get your device to work and function. It should take you a while to read through it and is pretty useful if you ever need to refer to it again.

3. iPhone Alley

Moving a away from Apple’s support site we have a rather cool site called iPhone Alley. I’ve linked to the tips page, however the whole site is dedicated to simple and useful tips for your iPhone. I’ve had a good read through, and learnt quite a few things. There is also a forum dedicated to discussions on any problems you may have.

4. iPhone User Guide & 5. iPhone Hacks

Both the iPhone User Guide and iPhone Hacks websites both offer general news and information about iPhones. They are both particularly useful if you want to keep up to date with the latest news. The iPhone Hacks website offers more information on jail braking your phone, if you need that information, however with the advent of the iPhone being sold unlocked you probably don’t need to read those posts and can focus on the news on the site instead.

6. Poolga

I’ve mentioned Poolga before in my post on 99 Amazing iPhone Wallpapers. In my opinion they offer some of the best iPhone (as well as iPad and iPod Touch) wallpapers. They are more “arty” and stylish than some of the wallpaper sites you can find out there. A great way to set your iPhone out from the rest of the crowd.

7. Fresh Apps

You can’t have an iPhone without apps. This next batch of sites is dedicated to giving you lists and reviews of the top apps out there. The first one of the list is Fresh Apps. Where you can rate iPhone apps by freshness. The site is quite new so it doesn’t have hundreds of apps listed, but the site is slowly growing so it is worth watching. Refer back to it over time to find some new and interesting apps you may want to download. It is similar to iusethis, if you have used that website before.

8. AppCraver & 9. Art of the iPhone

Having just a list of what is fresh may not be that useful, both AppCraver and Art of the iPhone are your general news and app review sites. AppCraver in particularly focuses a lot on comparing and review iPhone apps for you to use. Although there is news about iPads and such, the site is dedicated to giving you information about some of the latest or more interesting apps. Art of the iPhone is a general news site such as entries 4 and 5, but it also offers a wealth of information on the latest news for apps.

10. 148Apps

The last website, 148Apps, is a combination of app reviews and news. A popular website, its a good resource for finding new apps for your iPhone. There is a lot of information available on this site. You could spend an age looking through all of the posts reviewing the many apps availble. Useful for both browsing and finding specific information about apps.

To conclude there is a great wealth of websites out there. If you are a new user to the iPhone I hope this list helps. If you are an existing user I hope you have found one or two resources that have helped you. If you have a couple of websites or links of your own that you know of, please leave a comment and I will add them to the list.

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