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Control How Your Mouse Scrolls


This is a quick post for people using external mice (as opposed to track pads) who want to control the scrolling direction of your mouse. With the advent of scrolling balls, instead of wheels you may find your page flying around when using the small tracker ball. I find this really annoying and prefer vertical and horizontal tracking to make things a bit more organised. This is very simple and easy to do. Although settings might be slightly different depending on your mouse, the basic principle is the same.

To change your settings open System Preferences and select Mouse. Depending on your mouse the setting will be slightly different however you are looking for an option called “Scrolling”. Within this drop down you can select how your tracker ball works. You can have either vertical scrolling, horizontal and vertical scrolling or 360 degree where you can scroll in any direction. Change the settings as you please, I prefer just vertical scrolling to stop certain pages flying around when I use the scrolling ball. If you want you can turn the scrolling off completely.

Its only a simple trick, however one that can be easily overlooked. Its also useful if you find pages moving all over the place when you use your might mouse or tracker ball.

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