Hiding Hard Drive Icons From Your Desktop 1


Hiding Hard Drive Icons From Your Desktop


Here is a quick little trick which I find quite useful. Depending on how you work and organise your desktop, icons such as your Hard Drive and connected servers may never be used by yourself. They could be taken up valuable space. This can be further exasperated if you have a lot of Hard Drives and servers connected. Most of you desktop could be taken up by unused icons which you may never need to use. Its a rather simple method to remove icons such as Hard Drives, Servers and connected iPods from your desktop.

For once we are not going to use any Terminal trick. The answer lies within Finder’s preferences. The preference pane, for me, tends to be the first item I look at hen I use a new application or want something sorted. In Finder however a lot of the settings get changed within System Preferences, so it can get over looked. To open up the Preference pane, either go to Finder > Preferences or press Command + , (comma) with the Finder app selected. A little window similar to the following will open up.

The check boxes at the top of the General tab or the ones we are looking for. De-select an items you don’t want. In a flash they are gone. Unfortunately you can deselect specific items, only groups of items. However if you want to free up some Desktop space, de-selecting any of the four items is recommend. I prefer removing “Connected Servers” from the list, after a good afternoon of moving files around I can have loads of connected servers on my desktop which starts to make things a bit messy.

Its just a simple tip, however I find it very useful. The simple ones tends to be the best.

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