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Highlighting Email Messages From Friends


When I get email’s from certain contacts I like to keep track of who is sending them and organise them appropriately. The best way i’ve found to do this is through Smart Mailboxes. This evening i’m going to show you how you can combine the use of Address Book and Mail to pull emails from certain contacts so you can quickly and easily manage them. It takes a little bit of work, however its very useful.

Smart Mailboxes are a way to filter emails. To filters ones from friends or family we are going to create a group within Address Book. Open up Address Book, found in Applications. If you have your contacts all ready imported and within Address Book, great, if you don’t you can skip to the end where I post where I have an alternate solution. Within Address Book, under the Group Column click the small plus icon, or select File > New Group. Then add all your friends or family to the group.

Now you have your group ready we can add it to a Smart Mail box within Mail. Under Mail go to Mailbox > New Smart Mailbox. From the first pop up menu select “Sender is member of group” and then select the new group you have made. Press OK and you are done. The new Smart Mailbox will now contain all of the emails from the people within the group.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of making a group within Address Book, or you don’t have those contacts listed you can do the following. Instead of adding a group from Address Book you could simply add each individual email message. Select “from” from the first drop down menu and add each email address as needed by clicking the plus button. Make sure the drop down menu is set to “any” and not “all”.

This selection is OK, if you have a couple of email addresses, however if you have plenty of email addresses it can become a bit impractical. The first option, utilising, Address Book, is more useful. Overall you can do some really cool things with Smart Mailboxes and this one is quite useful.

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