MacTricksAndTips is Back. Posts to resume. 4


MacTricksAndTips is Back. Posts to resume.


First off, i’m sorry for the lack of posts, or any warning about being away such a long time. The last post on the 26th of April seems such a long time ago. In the intervening two months i’ve had a whole load of university exams which simply eat up the time. The plan originally, was to let you guys know of the situation and then have possibly a two weeks off. However the build up to the exams took away more time than I planned.

Any how, I have the next couple of months off for summer and I plan on doing quite a few posts. I don’t have a plan this year on what I want to do, however I do want to to have some quality in depth posts for you to read. If you have any suggestions, problems or ideas on what you want to see on this site please leave a comment below. If you didn’t already know the new iPhone is coming out so I will have plenty of posts about that in the next coming weeks. I also plan on buying a new version of the phone so I will have plenty to write about.

The first post will either be this evening or tomorrow. Depending on how much time I have left in the day. The World Cup is on and for some reason I seem to be watching every match. England are doing terrible as usual when it comes to major competitions, so it shouldn’t be long before we get knocked out (I hope we don’t). In the mean time i’ll be writing posts between the matches and at half time.

That’s all I wanted to say. I should have written a post earlier about the lack of new information, but I never got round to it. Stay tuned.


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