Automatically Start Up & Shut Down Your Mac 1


Automatically Start Up & Shut Down Your Mac


This is going to be a quick, but very useful, tip. In times of increasing power prices having your Mac running constantly (even in Standby) can be a small power drain. The solution to this is to shut it down on an evening. I, however, like my Mac to be up and running in a morning so I can quickly check me emails before the day begins. There is a solution to this problem (hence the post), and best of all it includes settings and functions already present on your Mac, so you are ready to go.

To set the start up and shut down time on your Mac open up System Preferences, located in Applications. Then go to Energy Saver and press Schedule at the bottom of the window. What will appear will be a small box allowing you to change when you Mac will start up and shut down, there is also options for putting your Mac into standby and restarting it as necessary.

The settings are not that complex, and unfortunately you can’t create extensive and complex shut down and start up procedures. However if you want your Mac to start before your wake up and automatically go to sleep at a certain time there are options here. There is also settings to change the times to specific days (such as the end of the week) or weekdays and weekends.

If you want an account to automatically log in. Go to Accounts within System Preferences, select Login Options at the bottom of the left hand list and select Automatic Login to “On”.

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