Making PDF Files On Your Mac (Any File) 8


Making PDF Files On Your Mac (Any File)


I’ve been asked this question many times by my friends. How do you make that file, whether it by a word document, html file, image or anything in between, into a PDF. Thankfully Apple has gone to the trouble of adding a PDF creator within your Mac operating system, so you don’t have to install or download anything. I use this little function all the time, when sending files to people over email, or I just want to store them as a PDF file for myself.

Creating a PDF file on your Mac is as simple as hitting print. In fact any application that has a print dialogue box can create a PDF file. For example open your file, it can be anything, you can use this web page as an example. Go to File > Print. Don’t go the usual route of loading up your printer, instead click on the PDF drop down menu and select one of the PDF options. Use the first option “Save as PDF” for the default PDF option.

Let it work away and run. It may take a couple a seconds to mintues for it to work it’s magic. There may be nothing to show while the application is working and you might not be open the file until it has finished. Unfortunatly the save function doesn’t have hundreds of options to choose from unlike a normal PDF creator, however for basic PDF files it should be sufficent.

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