Rotating User Images in Selection Window 0


Rotating User Images in Selection Window


The title of this post is a little simple, possibly confusing and may be deceptive, it should really be called “A little tip to help you rotate images of people within the user picture selection window found in applications such as Address Book”, however that title is too long. When you use applications such as Address book and you want to select a picture for a users details you may want to rotate the image to make sure it fits within the slot. This is rather simple and nifty.

Take the image below (of Mr Bean) if you press the option key and then rotate in a circle you can change the orientation. A useful wheel pops up to help you rotate the image. This is useful in making sure any portrait is suitably aligned.

This option is particularly useful if you insert an image that is up side down or slightly squiffy. This function can be done in any application that uses this pop up picture choosing window.

I hope this little tip helps, I certainly found it quite useful.

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