Saving Multiple Images Into A PDF Using Preview 15


Saving Multiple Images Into A PDF Using Preview


A couple of days ago I wrote a post on how to make a PDF file from anything, some one asked the question how do you save multiple images as one PDF. There may be many reasons for adding images into a simple PDF, it is generally useful for email purposes. This post has actually taken me a while to find the best solution. My original solution involved me making an original PDF file and then adding pages into the PDF file and then adding the images. However with a bit (of rather obvious) looking i’ve found a simple way to do it.

The first step is to open your images using preview. The best way to do this is to first open your first image and then dragging the result of the images in. Therefore open up Preview with your first image. If the sidebar isn’t already open go to View > Sidebar > Thumbnails. Then select the second batch of images and drag them into the sidebar. If you images are all in the same folder you can open them all at once by selecting the images and double clicking one of the images. If needed you can re-arrange the images by dragging and dropping them into the correct order.

You are now ready to export the images (make sure you rotate the images as needed before hand). Select all of the images in the sidebar. Go to File > Print Selected Images. Then use the PDF option at the bottom of the page in a similar method to the PDF option done before.

This method is very similar to one done previously. However it took me a while to find the option in the File menu and its quite useful when you do.

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