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Setup Mail For A Three Column Layout


Currently Mail is set up so your Mail messages are at the top of the screen and the contents are at the bottom of the screen. This is fine most of the time, however people with widescreens monitors, or if you want to view a lot of messages at a time you may want to flip the layout into a “three column” layout where your mailboxes are on the far left, the list of emails in the centre and the contents in the third column. This is useful if you have long email messages, and a lot of emails. I prefer it, since I have a widescreen monitor and I want to see a lot of emails. You can’t do this normally within Mail, however there is a quick plugin to solve your problem.

The app is called “Letterbox” from The latest version for Snow Leopard can be found here. To install the app, download the disk image and follow the on screen instructions. Once it is installed your version of Mail will be set up into three columns as shown below.

There is a couple of settings which you can change such as switching between the three column layout and the normal view. As well as changing the slider style.

There isn’t much to the download, however I find that the three columns layout is a lot more useful and this simple plugin is great to use. If you have any other apps or plugins please leave a comment below.

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