Turning Off Location Services / Data 1


Turning Off Location Services / Data


This is only a quick post, but it may be quite useful to many people, especially if you are interested in your own security and privacy. An eHow article a couple of days ago mentions about your Mac sending your location, and Wi-Fi data back to Apple. This is probably OK and there may be a genuine reason for this to happen. However if you want to be a bit more conscious of what is being sent you can turn this off.

The function is called “Location Services” and is found in System Preferences > Security > General. If you can’t make changes click the lock at the bottom of the screen. On the screen check the box next to “Disable Location Services”, this should turn off the function and stop your Mac send out data back to Apple.

Its only a quick fix. From what I have read this only effects Snow Leopard, however you can check for yourself if the check box is present in previous versions of OS X. I haven’t seen any ill effects.

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