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Make The Color Picker Into A Seperate App 9


Make The Color Picker Into A Seperate App

This is a rather cool little trick that I want to share with you. If you have ever used the colour picker on your Mac (a screenshot is below), that little application window that appears every so often, and you want it up more frequently for what ever reason, it can be quite hard to do this. However with a little work around, and using Apple Script, you can create a small application of just the colour picker.

Yum – Store All Of Your Recipies 4


Yum – Store All Of Your Recipies

It seems ages since my last application review. Today I am going to give an overview of a cool application called Yum. Its designed to store all of your favourite recipes for easy access and allow you to find new, recipes using its built in browser. Its a must for any budding chef that wants a simple and easy way to store there favourite culinary collections. Yum is catered as a quick and simple way to add new recipes and slowly build your collection. I tend to like eating (as most people do) and I find having lots of cook books around a real quick way to take up space which can be seldom used after you have done all of the interesting recipes within them. Although the use of the Internet has allowed myself to find pretty much any meal I want, it can become annoying when I want to find said meal again. This is where Yum comes in, having the versatility of storing recipes like a cook book and the ability to find new ones.

Backup And Restore User Accounts And Files 5


Backup And Restore User Accounts And Files

The title of this post doesn’t described everything I plan on doing within this post. I am going to show you how you can backup your disk images a disk image from Disk Utilities, then with this disk image migrate it over to a new computer. I effect your are transferring user accounts to a new computer and creating a back up. I have used to to back up disk images of people’s old Mac’s and then used this disk image to transfer there accounts onto a new computer. It has the added bonus of allowing you to use it on many new computers. So if you have a fleet of new Mac’s you can transfer the same user account and files onto the new Mac’s.

Adding Default Alarms To iCal Events 3


Adding Default Alarms To iCal Events

If you use iCal to set up reminders and events it is often useful to add an alarm. This way you know an event is coming up and you wont forget it. That’s the theory anyway. This post is about automatically setting up an iCal alarm for your events. This way you don’t have to manually add an alarm. Its rather simple to implement and can save you a couple of seconds when adding a new event.

Open Your Current Terminal Directory In Finder 4


Open Your Current Terminal Directory In Finder

I found a rather cool little tip that I thought I would post. Its in regards to opening the current folder you are browsing in while using Terminal. Many times I have wondered if there was a way to view my current folder, this is usually very useful if you are very deep within a directory and need to have a more visual look at it with Finder. I’ve also found that its useful when viewing the output of any bash scripts.

See Share Quotes In Terminal / Geek Tool 4


See Share Quotes In Terminal / Geek Tool

This is a quick Terminal trick that I think is quite useful, especially if you are into stocks and shares and want to know the latest price of your portfolio. This tip is going to show you how you can pull a stock/share quote into Terminal. I’ll then go a bit further and show you how you can put the price in a form that is easily read for use in GeekTool or something similar.

Merging Directories With Terminal 2


Merging Directories With Terminal

If you have a script or command that you are running you may want to merge folders. You could try and do this with the copy command, however you could run into problems. If you want a simple and easy way to merge files you can do this with something called the “ditto” command within Terminal. It doesn’t take very much configuration and is a quick and easy way to merge files.

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