Make The Color Picker Into A Seperate App 9


Make The Color Picker Into A Seperate App


This is a rather cool little trick that I want to share with you. If you have ever used the colour picker on your Mac (a screenshot is below), that little application window that appears every so often, and you want it up more frequently for what ever reason, it can be quite hard to do this. However with a little work around, and using Apple Script, you can create a small application of just the colour picker.

To start, open up AppleScript Editor under Applications > Utilities. Within the editor type the following:

“choose color”

Make sure it is the American version of the word “color” and not (the correct) English/British version “colour”. Once you have typed that one line, go to File > Save As, and give it an appropriate name. From the options at the bottom of the save dialogue box select “Application”. Then hit save. You are then done. Double click the icon to test the application, and you should notice the colour picker window open up and you have ti running in it’s on application.

If you want to make the app a little bit more authentic, you can set its own icon. This is simple. Find an appropriate image, I think this one is useful. Copy it to your clipboard. Then select the colour picker app you have just created. Right click and Get Info. Then in the top left where the icon is present, press Command + V to paste the image in. voilà, you have finished your app.

A rather simple tutorial for setting up and making your own little app. There is one small problem, to quit the app press the OK or Cancel button at the bottom, this is due to the way the app is normally called and how we have worked around this inital problem. I don’t use the Colour Picker that often, however i’m sure some of you may have a use for it. If you want to learn more about AppleScript I recommend AppleScript: The Definitive Guide or Apple Training Series

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