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Determine Which Processes/App Is Using A File 2


Determine Which Processes/App Is Using A File

Have you ever wondered which application or system process is using a file. The annoying message usually pops up when you are trying to delete a file or folder within Finder. This little trick, using a Terminal command called ‘lsof’, allows you to find which application is using a file, its very useful if you don’t know what application is using the file.

Control A Tethered (Connected) Camera 3


Control A Tethered (Connected) Camera

Every so often you may need to control your camera (usually an SLR) with your Mac. This could either be out of convenience, since you want to play with the files directly after they are taken, or you want to set up and create something complex using your SLR and your Mac. This can normally be quite difficult. Although most camera manufactures have an app which can do this, i’m going to show you an app which is free and control and connected Mac.

Zoom In On Windows While Using Exposé 7


Zoom In On Windows While Using Exposé

I stumbled across this little trick by accident, but I think it is rather cool. If you have ever used Exposé with a lot of windows open, you may find that they can get rather small, very small, especially if you have the option to show every window and not ones from a specific application. Instead of trying to search through these small windows using you can press the space bar while hovering over a window to bring into view.

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