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Disk Drill App Review – Protect and Recover Data 0


Disk Drill App Review – Protect and Recover Data

There is always that moment you are using your Mac that you wished you hadn’t pressed delete. It happens all the time and most of the time you can recover the file or folder. Once in a while, you find that you really have deleted the file and your can’t get it back the usual routes. This is where a new (and free for the time being) app comes in. Its called Disk Drill and it is designed to protect and recover files and folders have you have in advertently deleted without due cause.

Change the Default Thumbnail/Overview of a Video 0


Change the Default Thumbnail/Overview of a Video

Today’s entry builds upon the previous post, Screen Cap/Grab/Thumbnails Of Movies, in short I am going to show you a quick way to combine the preview image that is created in ScreenGrabber and attach this as the image icon, alternatively you can use this trick if you have an alternate frame/image you want to use as a replacement. This trick is useful if you browse your video in thumbnail mode. If the thumbnails are quite large you can have an entire overview of the movie. Pretty useful and easy to implement.

Screen Cap/Grab/Thumbnails Of Movies 0


Screen Cap/Grab/Thumbnails Of Movies

My video collection, whether it be movies i’ve taken, other people have made or ones from sources I can’t remember, its useful to have a thumbnail or pictorial representation of the movie itself. Although the latest version of Finder shows a thumbnail of the movie it can sometimes be difficult to remember what the contents are. This situation is also exacerbated if the thumbnail is a black square, the file name is a string of random letters and Quicklook decides it want to wait to the end of the universe before it will open. To get around this problem I have slowly begun creating screen grabs or “caps” of my movies. This is where screen shots of the movie are taken every x minutes and made into a simple grid pattern. This allows me at a quick overview to see the whole movie, rather than the first frame. Its useful especially for archiving and quickly finding what is happening in a movie.

Stop A Stuck Time Machine Backup 1


Stop A Stuck Time Machine Backup

I love Time Machine. Its a simple way to keep all your files backed up and my Time Capsule is slowly filling up with data. I have, however, come across a problem here the back up process itself does get stuck. This recently happened to a friend and in short of restarting or pulling out the cable I wanted to find a more graceful method. I’ve found two ways to stop a stuck time machine backup.

Create An RSS Feed ScreenSaver 2


Create An RSS Feed ScreenSaver

I like RSS feeds, you can find mine here, and I usually use them all the time. What better way to use them than to integrate them into a screensaver. Luckily Mac OS X has a built in screen saver which allows you to do just this. Its great if you want to view your Twitter feed or your favourite RSS feed, while you Mac’s screen saver is running. This is a simple yet useful trick.

Install Apple Updates From Terminal 1


Install Apple Updates From Terminal

Sorry its been a long time since the last post, so I am going to start with an interesting one. I quite enjoying digging out and finding new command line updates to run and use. Today’s command line post will allow you to download and install software updates from Terminal or the command line. Its great for those scripts you may be building and want to add that extra functionality to them.

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