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Auto-Complete Words On Your Mac 6


Auto-Complete Words On Your Mac

This is a rather cool quick tip that can save you a lot of time. Most modern search boxes now a days have a drop down auto-complete feature to help you complete words a lot quicker, this is generally useful and can save you some time and effort. Wouldn’t it be useful if you could expand this auto-complete feature to more text boxes around your operating system. Thankfully you can. Simply press Command + Period (or full stop) and your Mac will bring up a list of words which you can use to complete the word you are typing.

Flight Control HD For Mac – Review 0


Flight Control HD For Mac – Review

If you buy this game you will lose a lot of hours in the following week and month, I for one had to rush a report because I as playing this game. If you haven’t played Flight Control HD, on an iPhone or iPad you can finally play it on your Mac. Flight Control has been out for quite a while, so I thought I would give it a review and tell you what I think about it. I’m also interested in what other players of this game think as I have been addicted to this game.

How To Unrar RAR Files On Your Mac 11


How To Unrar RAR Files On Your Mac

There are many ways in which you can unrar rar files. In a similar method of yesterdays post on how to play mkv files, today’s post is going to mention some of the different ways to unrar rar archives. Since there are many ways to skin a cat there are also many ways to unrar these archives. Pretty much every app mentioned here does the same thing and there isn’t much difference between them. The only difference is between the command line program and the GUI app’s. Since the built in Archive Utility doesn’t have a support for rar files its worth having an app that can support these files when the time comes.

Play mkv (Matroska) Files On Your Mac 7


Play mkv (Matroska) Files On Your Mac

In the digital age that we live in there are hundreds of file formats, one that is getting particularly prominent is the mkv or Matroska, file format. A digital video container that is usually used for storing high definition videos. The Matroska format is a container format where the file can contain numerous video and audio files all in one container, Matroska is derived from the Russian term for a nesting doll. Its a very useful format and with it being used in HD videos it is becoming more common. The problem is that your Mac will not naively play them and you need a suitable plugin/codec to get them to play. This post is going to highlight some of the best ways to mkv files and get you on your way.

Change The Dock Right Click Menu Names 5


Change The Dock Right Click Menu Names

When ever your right click on a Dock item you will notice there is a list of items. Have you ever wondered how these items are created and if you can change them? Well you are in luck. This post will hopefully show you how you can change them to something a bit different. Its quite simple to do however you do need to err on the side of caution as you are altering system files. You only need TextEdit so it shouldn’t be too complicated.

Find Files In Use Using Activity Monitor 1


Find Files In Use Using Activity Monitor

If you ever get those random errors saying a file is in use by an application it can be quite difficult to figure out what is happening, and why the application wont close. Alternatively you may want to know what files an application is using to run, this can be useful in diagnosing problems. Although you can use a terminal command to find which files an application has open the Terminal output can be massive and take a long time to dig through to find the bit of information you may want. Today’s tip is going to show you how you can do this using Activity Monitor which is far more user friendly.

Disable Your Mac’s Apple Remote 0


Disable Your Mac’s Apple Remote

If you have an Apple Remote and you want to disable its usage on your Mac, for example in a School environment or you just don’t want the receiver switched on its very simple to do. This post will show you how to disable your remote control infrared receiver so it can’t be used any more.

Ten Must Have Mac Books To Read 1

Book Review

Ten Must Have Mac Books To Read

I like reading books, especially relating to topics I love. Thankfully the Macintosh community have some of the best library of books to read. This post is going to summarise some of my favourite and well received books relating to the Mac community.

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