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Learn iPhone 4 Development – Book Review 0

Book Review

Learn iPhone 4 Development – Book Review

Every so often I have a really cool book to review, today’s book is Beginning iPhone 4 Development for iOS 4 by apress. Its a comprehensive guide and manual for developing your very own iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch apps, all for $20. Its designed as an in depth look at the iOS SDK, and will hopefully teach you all the basics and the routes needed to begin developing your very own apps. I personally like to develop things for the Mac, I have previously reviewed Learn Mac Programming With Cocca before on this site which taught me how to work in the Mac environment, this book isn’t to big of a leap into the world of iOS devices.

View Terminal ‘man’ Pages In Preview / PDF 4


View Terminal ‘man’ Pages In Preview / PDF

If you use Terminal regularly you may find yourself reading the ‘man’, pages frequently. These stand for manual and are the help guides for using the different commands. In Terminal if you type man command, where commands is replaced by the command you are using you can view the help guide. Quickly scrolling and viewing the data within the command can be a bit of a pain. For a very long command with many pages of help, it can be a little slow to view all of the information. To help us in this problem we can use a Terminal command to convert the man page to view in Preview. This is a lot more user friendly and allows you to use the resulting file like any pdf.

Hide All Apps Keyboard Short Cut – Quick Tip 0


Hide All Apps Keyboard Short Cut – Quick Tip

This is a quick tip I stumbled upon while randomly messing around with my Mac. It is to do with hiding applications / windows on your Mac. Normally if you press Command + H with the current application open it will hide the windows for that app. However this can also be achieved if you press alt (or option key if you prefer to call it that) and click the dock icon of the app you want to hide. In the blink of an eye your Mac will hide every window for that selected application. This tip can also be extended if you press alt and select a different application. This will hide the application windows you are currently using and switch to the dock app you just selected.

Generate Random Numbers In Terminal/Bash 0


Generate Random Numbers In Terminal/Bash

I have a previously discussed about generating random numbers in applescript, today I am going to discuss two methods which you can use to generate random numbers in Terminal. This is useful for bash, terminal or any other scripts which use the language. The two methods allow you to have a certain element of control on the size and the randomness and type of number produced. There are certain levels of randomness with random numbers produced by computers. One of the options shown will use an aspect of your Mac which is very random.

Find Duplicate Files On Your Mac 1


Find Duplicate Files On Your Mac

When you use your Mac you generate files and folders worth of content. Unless you have a keen sense of keeping things in perfect order, once in a while you will find duplicates and copies of the same file. This wont just be the same file name, but the exact same file repeated in different places. It is acceptable to have one or two duplicates of the same file, but sometimes an entire folder or directory full of duplicate files can be a bit of a problem. Hence, I am going to demonstrate to your Araxis neat little app, Find Duplicate Files.

Clear Terminal History 1


Clear Terminal History

This is a rather simple tip that will allow you to clear Terminal history either selectively or every entry within the terminals history file. When you type in Terminal history it will show you every single entry you have made. Previously I have mentioned how you can change the history size to suit, however if it is becoming rather large, or you want to remove entries that you do not want other people to access, such as a super secret location you don’t want other people to find out about, it is worth removing entries.

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