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Five Fun, Cheap, Mac Games You Should Play 3


Five Fun, Cheap, Mac Games You Should Play

Today’s post is going to be a fun one. I’ve found five of the best, cheap (under $10) games for the Mac. These are some of the best simple games that you should play. Games on the Mac are starting to take hold on the Mac system. Although we don’t get the latest blockbuster games, there are some fun games which you can download and play to pass the time. Each of the give featured have good graphics, addictive game play and are generally fun.

Cut The Rope – Fun Game Review 1


Cut The Rope – Fun Game Review

Today’s app review is about a game I haven’t been able to put down. Its called Cut The Rope and if you are a fan of the iOS game, the Mac version of the game will not disappoint. The game is all about feeding a cute little monster called Om Nom sweets/candy which is attached to ropes. By cutting the ropes (hence the name Cut The Rope) and candy will fall and swing from each rope, into the path of the monsters mouth. For bonus points you have to cut the ropes in the correct order for the candy to pass through a maximum of three stars for double bonus extra points. It sounds easy, but soon become challenging and a little thought is needed for each level.

Cancel Print Jobs From Terminal 0


Cancel Print Jobs From Terminal

This is a quick command I stumbled upon while looking around the folder that contains all of the binary files Terminal runs on. One of these commands is cancel, and is design to cancel print jobs from your Mac while in Terminal. This would be very useful for anyone who is building a script or wants a different way of canceling print jobs. This command can also run over a network and can remove print jobs only from certain users.

Installing And Using pngcrush On Your Mac 4


Installing And Using pngcrush On Your Mac

If you develop a website or have to move png image around over slow networks you want to get png files as small as possible. Although Photoshop and other apps can compress and optimise the png files to some extent, to get them as small as possible it is best to use a compression tool that removes other data and optimises the image to be as small as possible without losing image quality. One of the best tools out there is pngcrush. Its a command line program run in Terminal that can compress an image to around 70% of the original size. This post will show you all of the different methods you can use to install the binary file and how to use the app.

Raskin App – A Better Way Of Interacting With Your Mac 2


Raskin App – A Better Way Of Interacting With Your Mac

Today’s cool app is called Raskin, it designed to compliment Finder in navigating and organising all of those files and folders found on your Mac. If you every have lots of documents to move around, modify and play with you will probably find Finder doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Finder itself was introduced on the very first Mac computer, although it has been updated and improved since then it could always be better. Raskin compliments Finder in showing you an overview of folders on your hard drive and allowing you to interact with many files, folders and place on your Mac in one go. Certainly better than the hundreds of Finder windows I open and having to constantly switch between them with Expose.

Generate & Compare MD5, SHA1 Hashes For Files In Terminal 0


Generate & Compare MD5, SHA1 Hashes For Files In Terminal

A while back I mentioned an app that can compare files, this worked by comparing the hash of a file, essentially its make up at the byte level. This means, even though two files that are the same size in terms of bits, will be different because of the order of those bits generate a different hash number. This is very useful in comparing different files and ensuring you are working with the right file. All you have to do is compare the hashes of the two files and if they match you are good to go. Today’s post will show you how you generate MD5 and SHA-1 hashes in Terminal.

Setting An iTunes Monthly Allowance For The Kids 0


Setting An iTunes Monthly Allowance For The Kids

Yesterday I posted a video about iTunes U, and all of the free awesome content you can find. After having a poke around the various different quick links Apple provide I came across a rather neat little function for setting up a monthly allowance to an iTunes account each month. It similar to a Direct Debit or Automated Clearing House process where you can set up a monthly transfer of money to one account. Its a great way for family members to receive a fixed amount to their iTunes account without having to bug Mum or Dad every time they want to buy a tune.

SyncMate Mini Review and Contest Giveaway – With Winners 13


SyncMate Mini Review and Contest Giveaway – With Winners

Today we have an interesting post that you will enjoy. Over the last week I have reviewed GoodSync, and app designed to sync computers and various online features together. Today it is the turn of SyncMate, another syncing app for your Mac. This post also has the special bonus offer in terms of a give away for two free licenses of the expert version of the app. Neat. Before we get to the contest I am going to do a little mini review so you have an idea what this app does.

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