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Clear or Bypass Your Web Browser Cache’s


When you browse the web your browser will store the files associated with each web page. This allows you to load pages you return to quicker as you don’t have to re-download the content, this saves on bandwidth and time. However, sometimes you will want to delete or bypass the cache. Bypassing the cache can be useful if you want view a new copy of the web page or are having problems, with the page you are loading. I use it a lot when I am making changes to this website.

There are two methods I am going to discuss, clearing every file in your website cache, and bypassing the cache for one page, while keeping the rest of your cache intact, with a keyboard short cut. So you can pick the method depending on your needs.


To Clear Cache: 

To clear the cache you have a couple of options, you can use the keyboard command Command + Option + E or select the option from the Safari > Clear Cache.

Clearing Safari's cache.

You can also clear the cache by removing all of the website data from Safari’s cache. Go to Safari’s preference and click on the Privacy tab. Press the ‘Remove All Website Data’ option from the menu. This will clear the data stored in the cache.

The preferences for Safari.

Bypass The Cache:

To bypass the cache for the web page you are on hold down the shift button and click the reload button on your toolbar. This will reload the page and download a fresh copy.


Clear The Cache:

To clear the cache in Firefox open up the Preferences, select the Advance Tab, then the Network tab. Then select the ‘Clear Now’ button. This will delete all of the cache within Firefox.

Firefox cache clearing options.

Alternatively you can select the ‘Clear Recent History’ from the tools menu bar option. Here you can select the cache check box and how long ago you want to delete.

The clear recent history dialogue box, useful shortcut.

Bypass The Cache:

To bypass the cache for the currently loaded page, hold down Command + Shift + R or hold shift and select the reload option on the toolbar.


Clear The Cache:

Finally, in Google Chrome to clear the cache go to Chrome > Preferences and select the under the hood option. Then in the pop up menu that appears select the time period and ensure the ‘Empty The Cache’ check box is checked.

The very stylish Chrome preferences.

Bypass The Cache

To bypass the cache hold down Command + Shift + R, and the page will reload without accessing the cached copy.


Clearing and bypassing the cache is a simple method to ensure you are getting the latest page downloaded to your browser. Although most web servers are set up to ensure you get the latest copy it can be useful once in a while to clear the cache yourself and start a fresh. It also helps, with Firefox in particular, to clear the cache to help speed up the loading of the browser.

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