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Compare WordPress (SVN) Files With Terminal


This is a quick simple trick that people using WordPress or any program which uses subversion or SVN may find useful. Subversion is a version control system which lets people publish versions of software, such as WordPress, to a simple repository. When they update the repository other people, such as WordPress bloggers, can view the source files and then download and install them yourself. This tip shows you the difference in files between versions, and allows you just to change or download the files you need. This is useful in saving both time and effort as you don’t have to download the entire package just the files that have changed between the version you have installed and the new version.

This tip works with any software that has revision control/subversion. I am going to pick WordPress as it is the most popular. If you head over the revision page of WordPress you will notice, different versions of the WordPress platform. Each version has the entire source code which is used to run the blogging platform. If you are moving between versions there may only be a couple of files that have changed. Therefore to see the changed files type the following into Terminal.

svn diff --summarize

Change the 3.3 and 3.3.1 to the versions you want to compare. This will output a result similar to the image below.

Comparing two versions for WordPress.

In the first column the M stands for modified, so the file contents have been changed, this can be only one letter, but it still classes as modified. If the letter A appears, it means the file has been added. The letter D stands for deleted. The list then shows which files have been changed. If you remove the --summarize from the Terminal command you can see what changes have been made, however this soon fills up your Terminal screen if many changes have been added.

I know from the list that I only have to upload 14 files to my server for the new changes to take effect. This saves the time it takes to upload the entire package.

Its a simple trick, but any one who regularly uses WordPress or a program that utilises subversion will find this very useful

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