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Customise Default Message Fields In Mail


I use Mail a lot, as a result I like to customise it to work the way I want to. Today’s tip will show you how to customise the fields in the new message window. Although the images shown are the Snow Leopard version of Mail, I assume there is a similar method available in Lion. The tip will allow you to change the BCC and CC fields as well as a couple of other fields when you compose a new message.

To change around the fields, open up a new message window, either by pressing Command + N or go to File > New Message. Then click the small button in the bottom left as shown in the image below. This is located below the fields within the header section of a new message.

The customise fields option.

When you click this button, select customise from the drop down menu. When selected the following type of screen will appear. Here you can change which fields appear by altering the state of the check boxes.

Altering the new message options.

For example, if you never use the BCC field, or the signature field you can deselect them by clicking on the check box. Conversely if you want the Priority drop down selection field you can select the check box associated with it.  When you have finished press the OK button and your changes will be made.

Its a simple tip, however it’s useful if you want to simplify your interface. You can avoid the check box route by selecting the option from the small pop up menu when you first select the button, however it isn’t as visual. If you have any questions or comments, please use the form below.


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