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Customise Your Browser Start Page With ‘Eight’


Today’s post is going to be something slightly different that I think is rather cool. When you start your browser you either load your favourite website or a popular search engine, or in the case Safari it shows you your top sites. Today’s featured product is called ‘eight‘. Its a customizable start page featuring some of the worlds most popular websites. Although it takes its styling from Windows 8, which is a naught word for some hard core Mac fans, I think it looks really cool and has a lot of interesting features.

The 'eight' main page, showing the different options for the homepage.

The start page runs off a local file, and with a combination of some clever javascript and CSS styling you get a page of popular websites. The default load out has three main panes. The first shown above is popular sites, the second pane is social media sites such as digg, reddit etc the third is news. All you have to do is put the folder contain the files somewhere on your hard drive and link your homepage to the index file. Nothing too complicated.

Each of panes are customisable, however you do have to do a little bit of leg work. There isn’t a simple setup page to run, you have to go into the CSS code and change the settings by hand. For example if you want to change a logo, you have to find the original logo and convert it to a white png, which can be quite difficult. Having said that if you do like tweaking the settings you can change a variety of features such as the number of panes, the starting pane, the content of each pane as well as the colours. The FAQ is detailed along with the readme file, so if you like playing around with the code it isn’t too complicated. The actual code is also well laid out so it is easy to read.

I quite like it and think it is something you may see in newer versions of browsers, possible on Internet Explorer. If you have any questions or comments, please leave one below.

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