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Cut The Rope – Fun Game Review


Today’s app review is about a game I haven’t been able to put down. Its called Cut The Rope and if you are a fan of the iOS game, the Mac version of the game will not disappoint. The game is all about feeding a cute little monster called Om Nom sweets/candy which is attached to ropes. By cutting the ropes (hence the name Cut The Rope) and candy will fall and swing from each rope, into the path of the monsters mouth. For bonus points you have to cut the ropes in the correct order for the candy to pass through a maximum of three stars for double bonus extra points. It sounds easy, but soon become challenging and a little thought is needed for each level.

Gameplay – Feeding The Monster

Some of the best games are the simplest. Angry Birds, one of the most popular games for the iPhone, involves a simple flick in the right direction to get the animal flying. Cut The Rope involves a simple cut to the right rope. In the process gravity takes over and the candy will swing on the rope, through the stars and then into the monsters mouth.

Screen shot of Cute The Rope; with stars, the monster and a puffer to blow the candy around the screen.

Once you have mastered the basics in the first level or two, the game adds some complexity to make it fun and interesting. The candy can be attached to multiple ropes, so you have to think which order to cut the ropes, failure to do so usually causes the candy to fly off or miss Om Nom’s mouth, this makes the monster sad. Once you have picked which rope to cut you can utilise bubbles, to force the candy to rise. Sliders to move the candy horizontally or vertically around the screen and little puffers to blow the candy in the direction you want.

Along with tools to help you get the candy into the monsters hungry mouth, there is also danger. Numerous spikes can appear, breaking the candy, along with a spider that will eat the candy if you don’t cut the rope in time. It sounds simple, but you do have to think about what you want to do, and when you want to do it. You also have to be pretty quick some some of your action, such as popping the bubble and cutting the rope. Failure will either mean the candy will miss the monster or float off the screen.

The Many Levels

Any good game will have a lot of levels, this is no exception. There are a variety of stages named after various boxes, for example, the cardboard box for the first level followed by, fabric, foil, magic, valentine, toy, gift, comic, toolbox and finally buzz box. Each new box requires a certain number of stars to open. Stars are collected in the games so it is worth trying to go for all three stars in each level.

The box selection screen showing the first three boxes, cardboard, fabric and foil.

Each box has a visual theme applied to it. The first screen shot shows the fabric box level and introduces new elements to the game, such as the blowers to blow the candy around.

Each box has 25 levels for you to complete. Each level takes around a minute or two to figure out, slightly longer if you want to get all three stars. Each level is different and offers a slightly different challenge.

Level selection for the cardboard box levels.


Most game now have some sort of achievements section, this game is no exception. Along with a leader board, there is a variety of achievements you can try to obtain. There is various achievements dedicated to collecting stars, cutting ropes and popping bubbles. You can also have more complicated achievements such as getting Om Nom to open his mouth ten times in a row, usually achieved by making the candy just miss his mouth.

Cut The Rope achievements screen.

The achievments are fun, and most of them are gained passively. Just something extra to make the game that little bit more fun.


I love this game, it is the sort of thing you can pop in and out while you are working. There are many levels which will keep you entertained for hours to come.

If you want to try this game out, there is a limited edition on the web. It shows you the basics on the game and has a couple of the initial levels. It does require a HTML 5 browser, of which the latest version of Firefox and Safari should suffice.

The full game costs $4.99 which is a bargain. It may be a port of the iOS game, but it is fun none the less. You will have hours of fun trying to feed the monster all the while cutting ropes.

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