Five Fun, Cheap, Mac Games You Should Play 3


Five Fun, Cheap, Mac Games You Should Play


Today’s post is going to be a fun one. I’ve found five of the best, cheap (under $10) games for the Mac. These are some of the best simple games that you should play. Games on the Mac are starting to take hold on the Mac system. Although we don’t get the latest blockbuster games, there are some fun games which you can download and play to pass the time. Each of the give featured have good graphics, addictive game play and are generally fun. If you think I have missed a gem from the list, please leave a comment using the form below. The list is in no particular order.

Plants vs Zombies

Who says plants can’t defend a household from zombies? Plants vs Zombies is the fun game where you take a set of plants, line them up and defend your house against the oncoming horde of zombies. Its simple yet has a lot of variety and replay time. There are numerous plant types to defend against the large variety of zombies that will attack your house. Each new plan in your garden costs a certain number of ‘suns’ so you have to use your allocation wisely or plant sun flowers to generate more ‘suns’.

The different types of plants include your typical pea shooters, cherry bombs or simply large walnuts to defend against the horde. Each level also features different types of zombies, such as those that can fly or swim, meaning you have to think about which plant to place, and where to ensure no zombie can make it pass. Each level adds a new feature and problem so you always have to think on your feet. Plants can also be upgraded to make them even more battle prone and take out multiple zombies. There are also extra features such as buying upgrades and a little conservatory to make your little plants grow stronger, as well as survival mode to see how long you can last.

You can get the game from the official website, although it is cheaper from the Mac Store.

Those brave little plants take on a horde of zombies.

Angry Birds

If you wanted one of the most popular iOS games for your Mac, Angry Birds is the game you should play. The game really needs no introducing; some dastardly pigs have stolen your bird eggs and logical thing to do is fling yourself, suicide style, in the pig fortress in the hopes of getting them back. Although it sounds a bit macabre, it is really fun. You have to think about the power, the angle of attack and how you are going to destroy the enemy embattlements.

Although the game comes in many forms, the original game has plenty to offer. There are a variety of different levels which challenge even the best gamer. There is a limited number of birds which you can use, and the special powers such as  exploding birds and dropping explosive eggs make the game interesting and fun. The level design is also interesting with different materials to comprehend, such as wood, rock and ice, all of which needs a different method to destroy.

If you enjoy the simple games, Angry Birds, available from the Mac Store, is one you should download. I’ve been playing it for hours and still enjoy it.

Angry Birds screen shot showing 4 different bird types and the pig fortress.

Cut The Rope

One of my personal favourites at the moment, Cut The Rope, which I have reviewed previously, is all about feeding Om Nom, the cute little monster his candy fix. By cutting specific ropes which the candy is attached to, it will swing and fall into the path of his mouth. Like many of the games mentioned in this list, its simple at first but increases in complexity as the levels increase. The initial levels you have to simply but the ropes in the right order, but soon challenges and problems appear.

To make the game more complicated you have to utilise, bubbles to raise the candy up the screen, use puffers to blow the candy in the right direction. All while avoiding spikes, spiders and that annoying concept called gravity, which always seems to win when you cut the wrong rope. You have to think which ropes to cut and the order to cut them in. At certain points you have to be quick on the trigger finger to cut the ropes and pop the bubbles so the candy lands where you want it to.

This game has many, many, levels and you will be playing for hours. Each new level and section introduces new tools and an increased complexity to the puzzles. Get it on the Mac Store, for some rope cutting, monster feeding, candy eating fun.

Screen shot of Cute The Rope, with stars, the monster and a puffer to blow the candy.


Braid is the especially popular game originally released for the XBox Arcade. Unlike the other puzzle games on this list, Braid screws with your mind. Normally when you complete a level of a game you are finished with it, you only revisit it if you want to play the level again or want to get all of the achievements within a level. Braid, on the other hand, has complex puzzles which build upon each other as you progress. You soon find yourself having to go back and repeat a puzzle due to a new power found in a later level.

You will need to invest some brain power into this game, and looking up some of the level hints on Youtube is not only recommended but at sometimes required. The art work is phenomenal and works well with the puzzles, giving each level a distinct feel and purpose. Although the over arching story isn’t that strong, it makes up on how clever some of the puzzles are, even if the solutions are simple. Many a time, you sit there wondering what you have to do, only to realise the solution was simple and staring you in the face all along.

I’m unsure about the number of times you can replay this game, however if you give it long enough between plays you will have probably forgot most of the puzzle solutions. You can get Braid from the Mac Store.

Braid, one the most complex and fun games for the Mac.

Flight Control HD

If you ever wanted the stress of being an air traffic controller, now you can with the game Flight Control. The premise is simple, you are the air traffic controller, and many planes of different types want to land on the airfield your control. Your job is to create paths so they can successfully land, hopefully without crashing. Each plane that lands nets you a point for that ever important high score table. Like most games, it starts out simple and gets ever more complex with more and more planes wanting to land.

Each type of plane has a dedicated land strip and takes a little bit of planning of routes to determine where they should go and land. It doesn’t help matters that certain aircraft travel much faster and some airfields close due to a strong cross wind. The aircraft carrier level is fun, as the airfield rotates and moves as the game progresses, so you have to keep altering and moving the landing paths to accommodate the changes.

The game is simple and the levels clean and fun. It can get a little repetitive and boring after a while, however the multitude of levels is very good. The stunt level is my favourite as you have to get the planes to fly through certain check points to get the high score.

You can read my review about Flight Control to get a better understanding of the game. It is available on the Mac Store and Steam.

Flight Control HD, where you have to navigate the aircraft onto the correct landing fields.


That my list of the five cheap Mac games. There is plenty more out there, if you have a personal favourite you like to waste time with, please leave a comment below.

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