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Photostyler – Adjust, Play and Modify Your Photos


With numerous digital cameras attached to most electronic devices and the ability to share those images over the world wide web, making those images unique and different can be a difficult experience. Applying that vintage, distressed or Polaroid look can be a little difficult. However, today’s app, Photostyler takes the problem out of adjusting images and makes it fun in the process. The outputted result aren’t to bad either.

Once your download and install the app, you will be presented with a blank canvas ready to modify and change your image. When you load an image you will be presented with a number of default modifications to your image, presets, which you can add to yourself. There is various retro, sepia and other present modifications for you to choose from.

The various different photo styling effects within Photostyler.

The sidebar gives you a break down of various tagged looks, so you can quickly choose what modifications your images takes on. When you have chosen a inbuilt style, or want to start from a blank style, you are ready to adjust and modify the image to get exactly the look your are looking for.

Adjusting Those Images

Once you have picked a default style, to adjust, or starting from a blank modification, you are presented with the photo editor interface. This window gives you a large amount of control in how your image looks. You can change the drop shadow, to the boarder of the image. Scratches which overlay on the top of the image and can be used to give that distressed look. Grunge, as the name suggests, alters the colour and lighting of the image.

Lomo is used to add a shadow around the edge of the image, useful if you want to give your image that olden damage looked along with the coffee stain feature to apply overlays of damage and distress. This feature can also be used to add your images such as watermarks or other images. Finally the frame option can be used to modify the frame around the image, and give it a boarder.

Editing an individual photo within the app. Lots of settings.

Before save the image out, there is one other feature that is worth a mention. The Before and After viewer can be used to see how your image compares with the original. I find when I edit an image that I get carried away and forget the big picture, as a result the final image looks a bit rubbish. The before and after feature allows your to compare, by splitting the image in half, what the original looked like. Very useful in making sure your final compositions looks the best.

A before an after shot of your image.

Crunching The Image

One of the features of this app is the ability for it to use your GPU, this is a dedicated chip in Mac designed to render images for your screen, as a result it is very fast at processing images. When you export the image, saving and rendering takes no time at all. A bonus when you want to export a 10+ mega pixel image. The final image does look very good, I am using the trial version which has a watermark over the image but the detail is very clear and there is no artifacts that I can see. The original input image quality will dictate the final quality of the exported version.

Photostyler also has a batch edit feature. This is where the power of a GPU comes into play, you can load a whole folder of images apply the modifications you want and output the images with a modified file name to a new folder. My little test took no time at at all.


This app is brilliant if you like modifying image with this grunge and distressed look. The final versions do look amazing and the rendering time is done in a flash. I think it is limited on the variation in the number of images you can produce, however given more time with the app and the settings you probably can make a lot of different looking images.

This app does feel like you are playing around with some of the filters in Photoshop, however, you will not be paying the Photoshop price tag. The app costs $29.99 and is available from there website or the Mac Store. There is a trial version, however the exported image does have a rather noticeable watermark, which is part of the trail version.

If you like editing images, and this app seems like your type of thing, check it out.

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