Setting An iTunes Monthly Allowance For The Kids 0


Setting An iTunes Monthly Allowance For The Kids


Yesterday I posted a video about iTunes U, and all of the free awesome content you can find. After having a poke around the various different quick links Apple provide I came across a rather neat little function for setting up a monthly allowance to an iTunes account each month. It similar to a Direct Debit or Automated Clearing House process where you can set up a monthly transfer of money to one account. Its a great way for family members to receive a fixed amount to their iTunes account without having to bug Mum or Dad every time they want to buy a tune.

How Its Done

To set up a monthly allowance for the kids open up the iTunes store. In the top right of the page you should see a set of links titled quick links. These can be used to access useful features of the iTunes store. At the top of the links there should be one called Redeem, click this link.

The redeem option located within iTunes.

This will open a screen where you can redeem a gift card or download code. We don’t want to do this, but we do want to click on the link that says ‘Give A Gift on iTunes’.

The big redeem code box within iTunes.

This will open up a page which can be used to set up various various different methods of generating gift codes for iTunes. One of the options is an allowance section. What we want, click the link to bring up the allowances page.

The allowances section of iTunes. I once had a piggy bank.

This page will have all of the settings you need to set up an allowance for your kids. Add in your child’s name, the amount you want to give them and the Apple ID. They do need an Apple ID account to enable them to receive the gift, but that doesn’t take long to set up.


The monthly allowance section for iTunes.

Once you have set up the gift, every month the defined amount of money will be sent to there account. Rather simple to setup and a create way to ensure they don’t over spend. It can be used for any itunes content, so apps, films and TV programs are also included.

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