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Skip Tunes – Simple iTunes Menu Bar App


Simplicity is the key. This can apply to anything and today’s app is no exception. Its called Skip Tunes, and as the title may suggest its an app dedicated to controlling and skipping music tunes in iTunes, Rdio or Spotify. Its designed to be simple, cheap and easy to use. It lives in your menu bar and is a little app that does one thing well, skip those annoying tunes that appear in your library of music. It is massive on features, but is a tiny app that does what it says on the tin.

Skip Tunes in the menu bar, showing the extended view options.

Although iTunes, within the app, has a skip function and many new Mac keyboards come with a forward button on the keyboard, Skip Tunes fills the gap of a little app in the menu bar. Sometimes you just want something small so you can quickly access the next tune with one click. The app itself is very simple, there is a play/pause button, which takes up the middle of the three buttons in the menu bar option. A skip button for moving on to the next song and finally an info button which shows you the music artwork and has large play and track movement buttons along with the track details.

The preferences for this app are, again, simple. You can start the app at login, switch between the three button menu bar app shown in the image above, or a single button that shows the track information and the app it controls, either iTunes, Rdio or Spotify. If you don’t have any of the apps open, when you hit play on the menu bar it will open the app you have assigned it to.

There really isn’t much more to say about this app. Its priced at $0.99 and does its one job perfectly. You could add loads more features such as star rating and which play list you want to play next but this would detract away from the simplicity of the app. Its small, simple and works.

If you have any more questions or comments, please leave one below. I would like to hear what you think. Meanwhile you can find it on the app store.

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