SyncMate Mini Review and Contest Giveaway – With Winners 13


SyncMate Mini Review and Contest Giveaway – With Winners


Today we have an interesting post that you will enjoy. Over the last week I have reviewed GoodSync, and app designed to sync computers and various online features together. Today it is the turn of SyncMate, another syncing app for your Mac. This post also has the special bonus offer in terms of a give away for two free licenses of the expert version of the app. Neat. Before we get to the contest I am going to do a little mini review so you have an idea what this app does.

Mini Review

This app is all about syncing. Not files in the case of GoodSync, but useful stuff such as Calendars, Address Books, Music, Entourage Notes and Firefox and Safari bookmarks to name just a few. The image shown below (from their site because mine looked pale in comparison) shows just some of the things you can keep sync’d.

The SyncMate main screen.

Using this app is dead simple and the user interface is similar to anything you will have used before on a Mac. You can add, Mac’s and PC’s; and the license agreement is for two copies of the software so you can use it on two computers, very useful, mobile devices such as iOS devices, Android phones and Windows mobiles. Online cloud apps such as google accounts, drop box (useful for an online backup) as well as online backup tools with a small amount of online backup storage provided by eltima.

The variety of different syncable devices.

Adding the devices to the app is simple, just follow the instructions and within a moment or two the device will be set up. The syncing options depend on the device, with Mac to Mac offering the most options. The actual syncing process for the online backup systems, is simple and quick. You simply press the big sync button once you have set your preferences for each section it does its thing.

There is a free version which is limited in the syncing options, although the expert version for $39.95 gives you more stuff to sync and includes two copies of the program. Useful for a home and office setup. I can see this app becoming very useful for people who have a lot of data within apps that needs to be sync’d together. Nothing is worse than when your home and office calendar should be the same one one of them is old and outdated.

You can get a discount of 20% if you use the code MTAT-20 during checkout.

The Contest

If this app sounds awesome and you would like a free copy I have two to give away courtesy of eltima (the software developers). The rules are simple, to enter the draw either leave a comment below mentioning an app you can’t live without or Tweet with a link to @MacTricksAndTip saying how awesome my site is (end shameless promotion tactic). Either option will get you into the draw and you can enter with both methods.

The draw will run until Saturday the 25th when I will end it at somepoint during the day and anounce the winners. Ensure you have a valid contact method, usually an email address or twitter account so I can email your email address to elimta so they can email your activation code. The winner will be picked by a random number generator.

Good luck.

The Winners

The contest closed on the 25th Feb 19:00 GMT, there were twenty one entries from the comments and the twitter mentions. The winners picked by random number are:

Comment number 2: Randall Murray

Comment number 8:  “Cool”

The winners eamil addresses have been forwarded onto SyncMate and you should receive your codes soon. I plan on holding another contest soon so stay tuned.

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