Using iTunes U – Extending Your Knowledge With Free University Courses 0


Using iTunes U – Extending Your Knowledge With Free University Courses


Having spent the last three and a half years in higher education, I am soon about to graduate. One thing university has taught me is the amount of stuff I don’t know. Today’s post is going to be about introducing and using iTunes U to learn, for free, from some of the best university courses around the world. Although the selection doesn’t have every course on every topic, there are some really useful topics. I am going to list some of my favourite courses. If you have an iTunes U course, you love to use, please leave a comment.

Finding iTunes U Courses

Finding and using iTunes U courses couldn’t be easier. Open up iTunes and select the iTunes Store option. At the top of the iTunes Store there is a black bar, click on the option ‘iTunes U’. This will load the store. You can now search and find the content and course you are looking for.

The iTunes U main page.

When you have found something interesting, you can either download the individual episode or subscribe to the whole series. Subscribing requires an iTunes/Apple account and allows you to get the latest content into your iTunes app. Once as the video file and the lecture notes have download you can view the video like any other media file within iTunes.

The indiviual iTunes U course, this one showing iPhone programming.

Some Golden Gems

I like watching some of the good educational programs that are available. Some of my favourites include, iPad and iPhone Development as well as Developing Apps For iOS. These both go well with the iPhone Development book I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.

Going past the Mac side of iTunes U, there is the Core Concepts In Chemistry from Duke as well as the popular Physics 1: Classical Mechanics. I found the Chemistry series very useful however it does get into some complicated concepts very quickly such as wave functions and Schrödingers equations. Of course if you want to learn from iTunes U you might as well read up on the right subject matter and that is engineering, particularly Materials Testing, of which my degree in Materials Science plays a large role and a short course I found really interesting.

There are many different subject matters out there on iTunes U. I picked some of my favourites (hence the Science and Engineering subjects), although there is a wide variety of subjects including business, arts, history and not to forget mathematics to name a few. The Khan Academy, subjects from the popular Khan Academy website cover a large range of subjects that have helped me over the last couple of years.


Overall on iTunes U there is a large amount of subject matter. No matter what you are interested in I am sure there is a subject course for you. If you have any real gems that you have watched, please leave a comment using the form below.

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