Zoom It App – See The Tiniest Detail On Your Mac 4


Zoom It App – See The Tiniest Detail On Your Mac


Sometimes I wish I had zoom binoculars for eyes when I am using my Mac. Sometimes there is just a small detail that is a pixel out and it winds me up that I can’t properly see it. Therefore some bright spark invented Zoom It. An app designed for developers (although usable by any one) to zoom in parts of your screen through the use of a Loupe. Its great if you need some clarity on a small part of an image or design and can’t use any other zoom method.

The App Interface

The app primarily runs through the use of a toolbar item and the use of some handy keyboard short cuts. When the app runs you are presented with the Loupe of your zoomed in area.

The loupe showing a closeup of the MacTricksandTips banner.

You can change the size and the magnification of the Loupe, and convert it to square if you want. I preferred the slightly smaller size that the one set up by default as prefer to use it to zoom in on small areas of the screen. The Loupe follows your mouse around and combining it with the keyboard shortcut you can quickly show and hide the Loupe on key parts of your design. I found it useful when designing parts of this website to zoom in on small areas. It allows me to make sure parts of the design are lined up correctly.

The app primarily runs through the use of shortcuts and the menu bar option. Both are interchangeable in changing the way the app runs. The screen shot below gives you an outline of the basic shortcuts although all are modifiable through the app settings.

The various different options shown on the start up page.


To conclude this app is really useful for designers and people who need to see there Mac’s screen on a higher level of magnification. The only improvement I could see in this app is the ability to lock the Loupe to one part of your screen and then move your mouse around. Currently the Loupe follows your mouse around. It’s only a minor problem but something I would find useful.

The app costs $0.99 which is a bargain, you can get it through the iTunes store. Certainly worth a look.

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