Appinator – A Simple App To Change Folder Icons 3


Appinator – A Simple App To Change Folder Icons


A long time a go, I mentioned how to change a folder icon, a lot has changed since then and I would like to show to you today a cool app called Appinator. Its primarily designed to quickly and easily change folder icons, using a cool built in library of icons. It also has the ability to change and organise your wallpapers (some of the built in ones are pretty cool) and set a rather nifty little menu bar icon to access your apps.

Appinate Those Folders

The app, as well as looking good, also works very simply. Within the folder icons section of the app you drag the folder into the little the drop box. From there you can scroll through the list and select the icon you like. There are a variety of cool different icons to pick from. All are very stylish and blend with each other very simply. After you have picked the icon you want, you press apply and the change will be made.

The appinator interface, with the drop box in the bottom left.

The app doesn’t stop there, it also have a very cool built in function to make your own icons. Simply drop your png images onto organise section of the app and it will automatically create the icon image and place it within the library. Very simple and very easy to use. It also has a folder option if you find you have a lot of icons.

Within the app, it also has a large library of wallpapers. Very simple and allow the icons you create and the wallpapers to work well with each other.

One of the coolest features of this app is to create a small menu bar icon which can contain all of your apps from your Applications folder. It is really useful and a quick method to access all of your apps.


This app is worth $3.99 and can be found on the App Store. I think it is worth it for the functionality of the quickly creating icons and manging them. The function also has a reset option so if you don’t like the icons you apply to folders, it only takes one click to remove them.

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