AudioBook Stitch – Make Your Own Audio With This Simple App 1


AudioBook Stitch – Make Your Own Audio With This Simple App


There is a popular market out there for audio books, Amazon has thousands of them, some very popular. However, if you want to make your own audio books, this can be quite difficult, there are probably various methods around on the Internet which you can follow. Today I am going to show you a cool little app called AudioBook Stitch, it is a very simple and easy to use app for putting together your own audio books. The app also extends as a way of joining other audio files, great if you want to join an album together into one long audio track with chapters.

Stitching Tracks Together

To make your own audio book you first need some recording that you have made, these could be your own voice files, or some other files you have saved on your computer, you can also use audio tracks of music if you so wish.

The first step is to set up the name and author of your audio book. It requests a title, author and an image. The image is displayed when you play the music file.

AudioBook Stitch has a very intuitive interface that guides you through the process.

In step 2 is to add the music files. This is a simple drag and drop exercise from Finder. You place the music files in the order you want. This will become the basis of the audio book.

You can change the tempo of the tracks to suit.

Step 3 is to adjust the tempo of the audio book. If you have recorded audio tracks where you are speaking too fast, or too slow you can adjust the tempo so it sounds better. The play button below the speed selection slider allows you to preview the speed of the final audio book.

In four steps you have your final audiobook. Couldn’t be any simplier.

The final step is to press the stitch button. It will combine your music files and various other bits of data into one file. The final m4a file can then be played in iTunes, Quicktime or any other music player that supports the file. The final file will have the chapter markers which is very useful if you want to save your place in a long audio file.

The Final Output

I really like this app, it is very simple and easy to use. You follow the four steps and within a couple of minutes you have your audio book. I really can’t fault the app and for $7.99 you really can’t go wrong. You can use it make your own audio books, however I think it can also be used to combine many music tracks into one long track for easy listening.

If you have any questions or comments about this app, please leave one below.

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