Disable Font Cache Rebuilding Every Time In VLC 1


Disable Font Cache Rebuilding Every Time In VLC


I use VLC as my main video player, however in the recent update to 2.0 I have noticed that every time I open the VLC app or play a video, it will build the font cache. Although this takes a second or two to finish, it is a bit annoying. This post will show you the setting you can change within VLC’s preferences to stop the app rebuilding the cache.

To change the setting open up the preferences from VLC > Preferences within the menu bar. Select show all at the bottom of the window. Within the option on the left hand side select Video > Subtitles/OSD. From the many options select ‘Dummy font renderer’ from the ‘Text rendering module’ drop down list.

Disabling the font cache rebuilding involves changing the text rendering module option.

The change is simple and from what I see stops the rebuilding cache option appearing every time I open a video. Its only a simple change, but works. The power of VLC means there is so many options and settings, its just finding the right one to alter. If the changes don’t take affect right away, restart VLC.

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