Keep Your Mac In Tip Top Shape With CleanMyMac 4


Keep Your Mac In Tip Top Shape With CleanMyMac


One of the hottest apps out there is CleanMyMac, its a simple yet useful app for ensuring your Mac stays clean and efficient as you use it. You may not know this but as you use your Mac it generates log files, caches, as well as other system Junk which you can remove on a regular basis. By removing the stuff you don’t need, you can keep your Mac free and hopefully running well. CleanMyMac is designed to clean your system and keep it in tip top shape. Its very efficient at doing this.

Cleaning Your Mac

CleanMyMac utilises a couple of different factors in finding stuff to remove from your Mac. The items it deletes are surplus to requirements. It the extra files that are included that are never run.

CleanMyMac is great in getting rid of all the junk you don’t need.

When you hit the scan button, the app will look through a variety of different places to find items it can remove. For example it will look for system and user caches and Log files. The app will pick up language files you don’t need, there is no point in having the Chinese language files installed in an app if you can’t read the language. The app is also pretty smart in that it will look for development files that have been included with apps, for example when a developer publishes an app it may have diagnostic files which you don’t need. This app will find them and delete them. The app will also find leftovers from files you have previously used and uninstalled. CleanMyMac also expands onto removable hardware, so it can clean USB sticks.

When you have scanned your system, the clean button will run through the list and delete the files you have chosen to remove. Each option has a selection box and an ignore list, so you can choose which apps you want to remove. If you have an app you want to keep intact, you can add it to the ignore list to ensure it doesn’t get removed.

CleanMyMac can clean a variety of different files and apps.

The app can also clean, the PowerPC binaries from apps. Most apps have the binaries for the old CPU architecture located within the app. You will never use the other binary, therefore you can get rid of it. This can save a lot of space, however some app will see the app as being changed and my not load, so use this one with caution.

Each search and delete function takes no time at all. It finds loads of different things and you will be amazed at how much space the app can save. There is a nifty little info panel on the left hand side of the app which explains each of the features and why you should or should not remove them.


A long with cleaning your system there are a couple of other features, utilities, with the program. These are used rarely, in comparison to the main clean which can be done weekly, but very useful none the less. There is a manage extesion option which allows you to easily clean up widgets, Preference Panes and plugins. You don’t want to delete all of these files as it will harm the functionality of you Mac, however if you want to remove one, because you have finished using it, the mange option will ensure it gets rid of all of the associated files.

Ensuring extensions and widgets are cleaned successfully is a useful feature.

The app also has an drop box for uninstalling apps, this deletes all of the associated files with the app, featured in a previous post on uninstalling apps on your Mac.

Finally there is the quick erase box. This deletes files without having to empty the trash. It also has the option to securely erase the file by overwriting it with random data. A secure way of deleting your files.


Overall this app is feature packed. There is plenty of files this app can find and removed. It does help save you space, I have saved over 2Gb in a couple of days alone. You do have to think what you want to delete and it is always worth checking what you are deleting.

The app costs £24.95 for an unlimited license and £11.95 for six months. However if regularly used you may find it coming in useful. I recommend using this every month or so it ensure you have an efficient running Mac. It is always worth deleting caches to ensure you Mac works as well as it should.

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