PaperMonsters – The Fun 3D Platform Game 1


PaperMonsters – The Fun 3D Platform Game


Over the last week or so I have reviewed a couple of fun game, Cut The Rope, Rotieer and not forgetting five fun games post. I have another funky game to add to the list, it is called PaperMonsters. Its a 3D platform game similar too Super Marios Bros, but with cool 3D graphics and a cool little main character. This game is cheap, fun, simple to play and strangely addictive with some interesting level design and game play.

Game Play

PaperMonsters, showing the current level, the playable character and part of the same level in the background.

The game play is simple. The world is made out of paper and you control a little paper character, it reminds me of the little amazon box robot that surfaced on the web a couple of years ago. By using the movements keys and the space to jump you make your way through the world.

All isn’t so simple however as you a faced with monsters to contend with and collect ables to find. To boost your score you collect gray buttons. To get the highest score you have to find golden paper clips. The golden paper clips aren’t easy to find, although the game is a side scrolling platform game there is plenty of secret areas you can find.

Since the game is in 3D it takes this into account with some of the level design. At certain points you will go through a tube, instead of bringing you to another area it will place you further back into your screen, as a result you have to control your character from further back. At this time the original level is still partly in the foreground. It sounds complicated, however it does make sense as you play through the game.

A colourful PaperMonsters screenshot.

The level designs are very colourful and there is a lot of variety. There are four chapters in total, with four levels in each. This doesn’t sounds a lot, but each one is complex and not as linear as they seem. There are plenty of hidden areas and secret parts you can find and explore. Collecting all of the buttons and paper clips does become quite a challenge. In some levels good timing and movement are need to get your character exactly where you want it.

There are a variety of foes you can tackle, you eliminate them by jumping on top of them. Some fly, which you can use to reach certain areas. Others explode which seems a hindrance at first, since they can easily cause you to loose a life, however they do help you find new areas, and bonus points.

Other Features

The came also features a mini game called dash mode, where you try and get the highest score. Difficult yet fun.

PaperMonsters also has a customisable character which you develop by collecting golden buttons in the game world. Its fun to customise your character and makes your journey a little bit more unique.

Customise your PaperMonster with the golden buttons you collect.


The game runs smoothly on a decent Mac, there are options to change the game settings but a dedicated graphics card is recommended by the manufacturer. As I played through the game, I didn’t have any performance issues.

Overall this game is fun to play and does have a lot of replay value. It costs $2.99 from the App Store which is a bargain for what you get. I had plenty of fun playing this game, even if it was difficult or annoying at times. Makes it even more challenging if you want to take a good looking screenshot.

If you enjoyed this game please leave a comment below. I would like to see what other people thought of it.

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