Right Click To Upload Images From Finder Directly To imgur 1


Right Click To Upload Images From Finder Directly To imgur


I have a quick tip for anyone who uses imgur. If you find you regularly upload images to the service to share with your friends or other people on the internet, you will find this right click service menu option a quick way to get those images directly onto the imgur website. The cool feature of this service is that you can upload more than one image at a time. Its a great little time saver, and works very well.

The Right Click Menu

To start I can’t take credit for this service menu. The original source is found on ScriptLife and you can download the workflow here. The workflow is an AppleScript code, wrapper in an automator package.

When you download the workflow and extract it, place it in ~/Library/Services . This is your user library and not the system library.

To get the service menu to appear when you right click either restart or type the following into Terminal (found in your Utilities folder).

killall Finder

It should then appear. When you have selected the image you want, right click on it and select upload to imgur.

Uploading files to imgur is now in a handy right click menu.

When you select “Upload to imgur” the command will come up with a dialog box stating how many files are to be uploaded. When the process has completed, each file will open in a new window. Here you can extract the URL’s for future use.

If you want to take a look at the code it is found at the end of the post. I have a personal improvement to the script. If you comment out the lines that control the dialog box that appears before the image is uploaded you can get a slightly faster workflow. The warning message which asks you if you want to upload the files, I think, is unnecessary. In the code I would remove or comment the lines that start with “set dialogResponse” “if button returned” and the “end if” after all of the “set”. I have added comments to the applescript with double dash (–), this converts them to comments and is executed by applescript.


This is handy little script that sits nicely in your right click menu. Its simple, works well and for casual users who upload the odd file to imgur. Its simple to install (and uninstall, just delete the file). I will probably be using this script more and more.

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